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Sukhmandir Khalsa

Nanakshahi 546 New Year Resolution: Read Entire Guru Granth Sahib

By March 18, 2014

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Make it your Nanakshahi 546 New Year resolution to read the entire scripture of Guru Granth Sahib.

Hoping to inspire others to routinely read Gurbani as advised by Sikh Rahit Maryada, I have created 2 Akhand Paath schedules, and 10 devotional daily reading plans for Sadharan Paath, Sejh Paath, or Cyber Paath.

A variety of daily reading plans to suit individual and group needs includes 3 group plans, 7 personal plans, with one blank schedule which may used to set your own pace and track progress up to a year. All may be printed out for your convenience.

Think you can't do it? All it takes is sticking to it. Read at home, or online. Read Gurmukhi or read translation. I promise you that you can read the entire Guru Granth Sahib in under a year if you just follow one of these plans and commit to reading every day!

Sikh Woman Reading Guru Granth Sahib
Sikh Woman Reading Scripture of Guru Granth Sahib
Photo [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

Share these devotional reading plans with sangat, friends, family and gurmat classmates. Please encourage everyone you know to read at least one complete paath of Guru Granth Sahib in 2013 .

Getting Started:

Devotional Reading:

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January 2, 2013 at 10:10 am
(1) Amrit Kaur says:

waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

I would like to ask, i dont know gurmukhi and i would like to be part of the resolution. is there anywhere i can get a transliteration of Guru Sahib?

January 3, 2013 at 9:35 pm
(2) AVCr8teur says:

Happy New Year! The book looks huge. I imagine it would be quite a feat to read it from cover to cover and understand it fully.

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