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2013 Sikhism Events Calendar Featuring Bhai Fauja Singh


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Sikhism Events 2013 Calendar Featuring Bhai Fauja Singh
Free 2013 Sikhism Events Calendar Featuring Bhai Fauja Singh 101 Year Old Sikh Marathon Runner

2013 Sikhism Events Holiday Calendar Featuring Bhai Fauja Singh 101 Year Old Sikh Marathon Runner

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Bhai Fauja Singh Calendar

Bhai Fauja Singh held the honor of Olympic torchbearer at age 101 when he ran with the Olympic torch during the 2013 London summer games. Bhai Fauja Singh began running marathons at age 70 after his wife passed way. Bhai Sahib is an outstanding example of a devout Gursikh and is an inspiration to many. Despite his advancing age, he continues to compete and frequently breaks his own personal previously held records.

Free 2013 Desktop Sikhism Events Gurpurab Calendars With Gurbani Quote

The 2013 Sikhism Events calendars feature Sikh marathon runner Bhai Fauja Singh of Olympic fame. Gurbani quotes included in the desktop calendars reflect a running theme. Bhai Fauja Singh, his trainer Harmander Singh, and photographers associated with London based Sikhs in the City, graciously granted use of featured images for the 2013 Sikhism Events calendars. Dates mark commemorative events relate to the history of Sikhism's ten gurus including:

  • Birth
  • Inauguration
  • Martyrdom or Death

We hope you enjoy these desktop calendars which are free for your personal use.

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