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2013 Sikhism Events Calendar Featuring Bhai Fauja Singh


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Sikhism Holidays 2013 and the Nanakshahi 544 - 545 Calendar

How 2013 Sikhism Events, Commemorative Holidays, Gurpurab Dates Correspond to the Nanakshahi Calendars

Sikhism holidays commemorating the ten gurus and Sikhism's holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib are celebrated according to the Nanakshahi Calendar which originates in 1469 the birth year of Guru Nanak. The names of Nanakshahi months correspond to those in the hymns of Guru Nanak appearing in scripture.

Fixed and Fluctuating Dates of Sikhism Holidays

Dates converted from Ancient East Indian calendars to the modern-day Western calendar have gone through several amendments. Though many dates are fixed, others fluctuate according to lunar influence. The Nanakshai Calendar begins in mid March, so that the Western year 2013 incorporates the latter part of Nanakshahi year 544 and and the greater part of Nanakshahi year 545.

Every effort has been made to adhere to the official Nanakshahi calendar, however year 545 is not released until March of 2013 by the Shiromi Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SPGC) of the Akal Takhat, the Sikhism supreme seat of spiritual authority. It is possible that last minute amendments based on the influence of Indian system of calculations may arise, as has happened rather frequently in past years. When in question, commemorative gurpurab dates given in the 2013 Sikhism Events Calendar default to reflect the fixed dating of the latest previous version of the Nanakshahi calendar released.

Please check back in late February and early March of 2013 when the (SPGC) releases its Nanakshahi Calendar 545 for updates to gurpurab events based on lunar influence which fluctuate each year:

  • Maghi - Chali Mukte commemorating the martyrdom of the 40 Liberated Ones is celebrated in conjunction with the Lohri festival.
  • Hola Mohalla - Martial arts parade coincides with the Holi festival of colors.
  • Pooran Mashi - Seasonal full moon celebration of Guru Nanak's birth observed.
  • Bandi Chhor - Commemoration of Guru Har Govind's freedom from imprisonment coincides with the Diwali festival of lights.
  • Guru Gadee - Inauguration parade commemorating the installation of Adi Granth as Eternal and Supreme Siri Sikh Guru Sahib.

Other dates subject to annual amendments made to SGPC Nanakshahi Calendar:


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