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How to Make Roti Illustrated Instructions


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Roll the Atta Dough Into a Circle
Roll the Atta Dough Into a Circle

Roll the Atta Dough Into a Circle

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Dip the flattened perra into dry atta flour and place on a flat surface. Use a rolling pin to roll the atta dough into a circle about 5 inches across. Use a slight bit more pressure with left hand while rolling forward and the circle of dough will spin to the right with each turn of the rolling pin. Foll the atta dough until the circles is about 3 1/2 to 4 inches across. Lift the circle of dough gently and dip into dry atta and turn over so the floured surface is down. Continue rolling with a slight forward pressure with left hand so that the circle turns clockwise until it is about 5 inches across. The circle of dough should be an even thickness to cook properly, about 1/16th to 3/32nds of an inch thick, similar to a corn tortilla.

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