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"Sahibzadey A Saga of Valor and Sacrifice" Animated Movie DVD by Vismaad

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Sahibzadey Animated Movie DVD

Sahibzadey Animated Movie DVD

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The Bottom Line

Sahibzadey, the animated film, features the martyrdom of Guru Gobind Singh's youngest two sons, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh. A kindly elder narrates their story to group of modern-day children, telling how the two boys and their grandmother become separated from their mother and father during a battle. When they are betrayed, captured and imprisoned, their grandmother tells them inspirational stories about their illustrious martyred ancestors. The boys are brought before a council which includes a Mughal ruler, an Islamic cleric, and a Hindu priest, who condemn them to death for refusal to renounce their Sikh faith.


  • Teaches history and instills Sikhi values.
  • Appealing animations with inspiring songs and shabads.
  • Delightful and easy to understand English language option.
  • Storyline presentation is straight forward and easy to follow.
  • Unbiased portrayal of both kind and cruel characters in each religion represented.


  • Grammatically awkward English subtitles.
  • Translation not present with every song and shabad.


  • Sahibzadey Animated Movie DVD / 50 Minute Feature
  • Punjabi Language / English Language Option/ English Subtitles
  • Authored by Sahara Production Singapore / Produced by Vismaad
  • Copyright © 2005 Vismaad Limited. All Rights Reserved.
  • Script by S. Inderjit Singh Googani inspired by SGPC illustrated storybook, Nikkian Jindan Vadhaa Saka.
  • English Dialogue:
    • Arranged by Mandeep Singh & Sangeeta Kaur
    • Vocal sponsor "Bani Pro" Rajanarind Kaur & Jang Partap Singh.
  • Vocal Artists:
    • Shabad Kirtan - Bhai Sarabjit Singh Ji (Hazoori Raagi Shri Darbar Sahib)
    • Songs - Bani Kaur & Brijesh Ahuja
  • Offered by SikhDVD.com for USD $10.00 S&H $3.00 (combo pack pricing and bulk rates on orders of $100). PayPal & RBS WorldPay
  • India only orders offered by Kirtan Store.com http://www.kirtanstore.com/author.php?id=82
  • Contact: Email mail@vismaad.com
  • Vismaad Pte Ltd Singapore
    Bakhtawar Singh
    10 Ubi Crescent
    #07-31 Ubi Techpark
    Singapore 408564
    +65 9389 1771
    Fax: +65 6844 4906
  • Vismaad Mediatech Pvt Ltd
    Sukhwinder Singh
    C-174 Indl. Area Phase 8-B
    SAS Nagar Mohali
    Punjab INDIA 160055
    +91 98141 80354

Guide Review - "Sahibzadey A Saga of Valor and Sacrifice" Animated Movie DVD by Vismaad

The Sahibzadey animated DVD arrived packaged in a glossy cover imprinted with colorful scenes from Sikh history and wrapped with clear cellophane. Loading the DVD player, I selected both English language option and English subtitles and pushed play. The subtitles turned out to be more of a hindrance than an asset, with words like "aigrette" (meaning "feathered plume") that I had never seen before. Curious, I watched the movie a second time in Punjabi language for flavor and comparison. I understood a bit of the conversation, but the narration surpassed my level of comprehension. Fortunately a great deal of thought and skill went into dubbing making the English narration completely understandable, easy to follow and delightful to listen to.

The story begins when an elderly Singh attired in traditional garb rides up on a horse to greet a group of children playing together in a modern-day Punjabi village. He speaks clearly with only a believable hint of accent. His words are so very kind and sweet, I can't help but want to hear more.

The story unfolds taking the viewer back to the 18th century on a dark and torrid night. Following an act of treachery, a battle ensues and two young boys flee across a flooded river with their grandmother. They meet with a former household member whose greed makes him untrustworthy. When imprisoned by the Mughals in an open tower subject to winter's chill without food or drink, a kindly stranger of another faith risks his life to bring them warmed milk, an act which ultimately results in the torture and death of his family. The grandmother, Mata Gujri, bolsters her six and nine year old grandson's courage and resolve with ancestral stories of valor.

At this point the animation venue enhances famous historic images of Sikh martyrs touched with subtleties which seem to bring them to life, almost as though touched by the wave of a magic wand bringing to mind the Vismaad logo. These images portray the very real and cruel tortures inflicted on Sikh martyrs. Though many of these same images appear on langar hall walls, parents may wish to employ viewing discretion for the very young.

The movie skillfully depicts acts of kindness by members of various faiths and does not place blame on religious beliefs of the Islamic faith. Characters of both Hindu and Islamic faiths emphasize that the despicable act of executing innocent minor children goes against the tenets of Islam and refuse to take part. Fault is placed squarely on the cruelty of corrupt rulers who twisted truth for their own vile purpose. Sahibzadey Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh remain faithful to their father Guru Gobind Singh and true to their convictions amidst trickery, treachery, and torture until their final breath.

Incorporated in 2004, Vismaad is a pioneer in bringing Sikhism to the screen via the venue of animated technology. Relying on donations and collaboration with private investors to fund animation ventures, profits realized go to production of forth coming films.

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