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Online Sikhism Games

Find a variety of online interactive Sikhism games that appeal to every skill level and any family member can enjoy. Role play, battle villains, earn good karma or draw and color. Hosted by Little Sikhs, Sikhnet and Vismaad.

Little Sikhs
Find online interactive games, trivia games, stories, free e-books and coloring pages, and more for little Sikhs here.

Play online games courtesy of Vismaad, featuring Sikh characters. A variety of games appeal to every age and skill level. Battle villains with Sikh warriors, engage in role playing, even the youngest child can have fun with simple games.

Sikhnet Karma Game
The Ogre's Curse Karma Game is about a Sikh child who has charge of a cranky uncle and must save villagers from an Ogre. Takes the player through a series of character developments learning kirtan, gurbani, gatka, seva and simran, while earning karma points to overcome obstacles, in order to uplift and heal the spirits of game companions.

Sikh Foundation Family Corner
The Family corner at Sikh foundation features fun for the entire family with Sikhism theme online puzzles, stories and articles to read and coloring pages to download.

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