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Looking for gift ideas? Where can you find Sikh clothing, turbans, articles of faith, books, games, videos, music and instruments essential to spiritual living or items specific to Sikh worship and ceremonies? Find reviews and resources here for online vendors, teaching and learning aids, and do-it-yourself tips one how to create hard to find items at home.
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"The Man Who Saw The Face of God": Review by Author Kirantana
Journey through the wild side of the subconscious on a quest for enlightenment following the path of yoga, and Sikhism, in this true to life spiritual thriller, "The Man Who Saw the Face of God" by author George Craig McMillian (Kirantana).

"Tapping Into God" by Debbie Belmessieri: Review
Debbie Belmessieri’s "Tapping Into God" shares the search for self discovery through spirituality of seekers whose stories are as diverse as their belief systems. Read the review of this unique book here.

"When Anger Hurts" by Matthew McCay Ph.D
Did you know that anger (krodh) is one of five evils, and the voice of ego? If the voice of anger plagues you, or your family, turn down its volume with anger management book, "When Anger Hurts Quieting the Storm Within." Find the review here.

SikhiStore Sarbloh Bata: Review
Have you been wanting an all iron bowl but didn't know where to procure one? SikhsStore.com offers a beautiful Sarbloh bata in their online shop. Find out here how to order.

Love Your Turban Hashtag Stickers and Decals by GoSikh
Looking for a unique gift with a playful Sikhism theme? Hashtag #loveyourturban stickers, bumper stickers and decals are meant to be re-gifted.

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