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"Guru Nanak" Volume 1 by Sikh Comics: Review

Graphic Novel "The First Sikh Guru" Vol 1 by Daljeet Singh Sidhu

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Sikh Comics Cover

Sikh Comics Cover "Guru Nanak" Volume 1

Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

The Bottom Line

Sikh Comics makes a bold attempt at the very difficult task of using comic book art and medium to depict the early life of the illustrious and most sublime First Guru Nanak. Authentic Punjabi caricature punctuates the narrative of Daljeet Singh Sidhu's graphic novel Guru Nanak The First Sikh Guru Volume 1. The English presentation includes an overview of the historic setting, narration, conversation, and selections of the divine master's poetic compositions, with inserts defining Punjabi terms.


  • English language.
  • Illustrates historic incidences.
  • Portrays authentic characterization.
  • Incorporates translations of scripture.
  • Instills a sense of heritage in readers of all ages.


Guru Nanak Volume One - Page 3 Historic Overviews and Birth of First Guru

"Guru Nanak Volume One" 3 Historic Overvies and Birth of First Guru

Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]
  • Occasional text outside of white dialogue boxes does not stand out well against dark colored background.


  • Guru Nanak The First Guru of the Sikhs Volume 1 presented by Sikh Comics. Copyright © 2012 Gyan Khand Media.
  • ISBN 978-81-909637-5-6
  • English language graphic novel has 32 pages of color illustrations including:
    • Historical background.
    • Dialogue, and narration.
    • Comic book style adventures.
    • Romanized Punjabi with English translation.
    • Selected verses by Guru Nanak translated from scripture of Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Printed in India
  • Compiled by design team:
    • Publisher - Daljeet Singh Sidhu
    • Script Writer - Daljeet Singh Sidhu
    • Research - Dr G.G.S.Sidhu
    • Text Editor - Debbie Holland
    • Art Director Illustrator - Amarjit Virdi
    • Artist - Rochak Bhatnagar
    • Colorist - Sawan Madman
    • Assistant Colorist - Premdeep Singh Mann
    • Graphic Design - Parminder Chand
  • Offered by Sikhcomics.com for USD $3.99 - includes free shipping. Discounts for additional copies and bulk pricing.
    • Contact Information:
    • Daljeet Singh Sidhu
      Gyan Khand Media
      Po Box 7
      Sangrur 148001
      Punjab, India
    • Email: info@sikhscomics.com
    • Phone: +91 843 799 1910 (India) +1 408 914 2858 (USA)

Guide Review - "Guru Nanak The First Sikh Guru" Volume 1 by Sikh Comics

Guru Nanak in River Bein Page 24

Guru Nanak in River Bein Page 24

Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

It took about two weeks for Volume 1 of the 5 volume series Guru Nanak The First Sikh Guru to arrive by airmail from Punjab India, where it is printed. Not your typical adventure comic book, the the graphic novel has glossy pages packed with full color imagery on magazine quality paper sturdy enough to stand up to a lifetime of page turning by enthusiastic readers of every age.

The Story

Volume 1 chronicles the birth, early childhood, youth, marriage and enlightenment of Guru Nanak with endearing and inspiring tales brought to life with graphic narration. Colorful images leap from the pages to draw readers into an epic tale of ancient Punjab Hindu society steeped in superstition, barbaric rituals, idolatry, caste-ism, and plundered by merciless Mughal invaders led by the 15th century conqueror Timur. The story begins with a rather startling image of newborn Nanak popping from the page amid illustrations depicting a dark age of ignorance, almost as if to imply that with the guru's enlightening appearance on the scene, things are about to change in a big way.

Popular saakhis (stories) about the life of Guru Nanak and related scriptures penned by the Guru featured in Volume 1 include:

  • Birth of Guru Nanak
  • Heritage, home and family.
  • Childhood acts of kindness.
  • Mystic classroom occurrences.
  • Rejection of the sacred thread ritual.
  • Miraculous incidents of the cobra, shade tree, and fields ravished by livestock.
  • Mysterious illness and recovery.
  • Feeding of hungry holy-men with investment capital.
  • Intervention of Rai Bullar on Nanak's behalf.
  • Marriages of Nanaki, the guru's sister to Jai Ram, and Nanak to his bride Sulakhni.
  • Family and business ventures, allegations, and reaping of spiritual profits in Sultanpur.
  • Enlightenment in the river of Bein, and the beginning of Guru Nanak's ministry.

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