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"Guru Nanak" Volume 2 by Sikh Comics: Review

Graphic Novel "The First Sikh Guru" Vol 2 by Daljeet Singh Sidhu

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Sikh Comics Cover

Sikh Comics Cover "Guru Nanak" Volume 2

Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

The Bottom Line

Volume 2 of Guru Nanak Sikh Comic's graphic novel series highlights the Udasi travels of the First Sikh Guru over the river Beas and through Eastern India. Stories focus on adventures of Guru Nanak and his faithful companion Bhai Mardana as they embark on their first of four journeys in a spiritual quest to illuminate humanity with the Light of Truth.


  • Interesting and informative to readers of all ages.
  • English language dialogue and narration.
  • Stories reference scripture.
  • Captivating illustrations.
  • Cross cultural appeal.


Idle Thoughts During Prayer of Qazi and Nawab Page 3

Idle Thoughts During Prayer of Qazi and Nawab Page 3

Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]
  • Over too soon, requires patience to wait for the next installment.


  • Guru Nanak The First Guru of the Sikhs Volume 2 presented by Sikh Comics. Copyright © 2012 Gyan Khand Media.
  • ISBN978-81-909637-6-3
  • English language graphic novel with 30 pages of riveting color comic book style illustrations including:
    • Dialogue, and narration.
    • Romanized Punjabi with English translation inserts.
    • Quotes by Guru Nanak reference page in Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Printed in India
  • Compiled by design team:
    • Publisher - Daljeet Singh Sidhu
    • Script Writer - Daljeet Singh Sidhu
    • Research - Dr G.G.S.Sidhu
    • Text Editor - Debbie Holland
    • Art Director Illustrator - Amarjit Virdi
    • Artist - Rochak Bhatnagar
    • Colorist - Sawan Madman
    • Assistant Colorist - Premdeep Singh Mann
    • Graphic Design - Parminder Chand
  • Offered by Sikhcomics.com for USD $3.99 - includes free shipping. Bulk pricing and discounts for multiple or additional single copies.
    • Contact Information:
    • Daljeet Singh Sidhu
      Gyan Khand Media
      Po Box 7
      Sangrur 148001
      Punjab, India
    • Email: info@sikhscomics.com
    • Phone: +91 843 799 1910 (India) +1 408 914 2858 (USA)

Guide Review - "Guru Nanak The First Sikh Guru" Volume 2 by Sikh Comics

Thorn and Gold Piece Page 20

Thorn and Gold Piece Page 20

Photo © [Courtesy Sikh Comics]

Volume 2 of the 5 volume series Guru Nanak The First Sikh Guru arrived along with Volume 1 about 2 weeks after being airmailed from India where the graphic novel is printed. Glossy pages of magazine quality are sturdy enough to delight readers of every age and culture for a lifetime.

The Story

Eye catching illustrations of Volume 2 impart the teachings of Guru Nanak while captivating the consciousness with sublime quotes translated directly from scripture written by the guru while on his travels across River Beas and throughout Eastern India. Ever faithful follower Bhai Mardana accompanies his guru through a series of enlightening encounters with simple people, religious leaders, thugs, yogis, and tantric witches to dispel spiritual ignorance, superstitious rituals and instill truthful principles and practices:

  • Futility of idle prayer.
  • Rewards of honest earning.
  • Entrapment of ill-gotten gains.
  • Ineffectiveness of ritual ancestor worship.
  • Worthlessness of outward dietary restrictions without inner penance.
  • All life exists at the benevolence of the compassionate creator.
  • Ineptness of religious powers produced through rigors and rites.
  • Fraudulence of psychic force and mystic incantations.
  • Effectiveness of faith.
  • Recompense of piety.

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