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"The Boy With Long Hair" by Pushpinder Singh: Review

Coloring Story Book

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Boy With Long Hair Coloring Story Book Cover

"Boy With Long Hair" Coloring Story Book Cover

Photo © [Courtesy The Sikh Foundation]

The Bottom Line

The Boy With Long Hair by Pushpinder Singh portrays the anguish of a Sikh boy from India who is adjusting to a new school. Coloring pages, accompanied by simple text, explain differences and point out similarities, between Sikhs and other students. Interactive exercises draw children into emotional exploration inviting introspection and discussion.


  • Teaches compassion and tolerance.
  • Fosters dialogue about Sikh identity.
  • Demonstrates similarities among diverse ethnic groups.
  • Appeals to preschool through middle school aged students.
  • Contains Sikhism fact sheets and teacher's classroom guide.


Tearful "Boy With Long Hair"

Tearful "Boy With Long Hair"

Photo © [Courtesy The Sikh Foundation]
  • Implies that all Sikhs are of Indian origin.


  • The Boy With Long Hair
  • ISBN:978-0-9700363-0-8 (9700363-0-2)
  • Authored by Pushpinder Singh
  • Illustrated by Pushpinder Singh
  • Copyright © 1999 by Pushpinder Singh
  • Published by The Sikh Foundation
  • California Department of Education approved K-3.
  • Sturdy glossy laminate cover.
  • Black text and illustrations on high quality white paper.
  • 28 Story & Coloring pages / 5 Auxiliary pages including fact sheet and teaching ideas.
  • List Price $4.95 USD + S&H
  • Bulk rates
    • 1,000 @ $4.00
    • 5,000 @ $3.50
    • 10,000 + @ $2.50
  • Contact:
    • Sikh Foundation, 580 College Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306
    • Phone (650) 494-7454 / Fax (650) 494-3316
    • Email info@sikhfoundation.org

Guide Review - "The Boy With Long Hair" by Pushpinder Kaur

Child Coloring Emotions in Boy With Long Hair

Child Coloring Emotions in "Boy With Long Hair"

Photo © [Courtesy The Sikh Foundation]

The Boy With Long Hair by Pushpinder Kaur caught my attention when I first noticed it in a glass case at the lobby of the San Jose gurdwara early one morning when attending Asa Di Var kirtan. I had previously met, but hadn't seen the author for several years. I did an online search for the book and obtained a copy.

I took the coloring book along with me when visiting my daughter's family. My three year old granddaughter found it and wanted to look at it right away. I suggested that we show her Mommy. We all looked through the pages together and my daughter, whose brothers had encountered bullying in school while wearing turbans, asked with concern, "Why is the boy crying?"

We read the story together of how the boy had moved with his family and had to attend a new school. He had to ride the bus with students he didn't know and missed his Mama. My granddaughter expressed a lot of interest in pages showing various emotions and also wanted to know why the boy had tears in his eyes. We looked through the book to find coloring pages with "The Boy With Long Hair" looking both happy and sad. She wanted to color the pictures but with a new baby brother in the house, we had to postpone it a bit. Meanwhile she told me the names of colors, we talked about the boy's long hair, his turban and how "hair is prayer".

At last we found time for coloring. My granddaughter chose a yellow crayon and we looked through the pages again for a picture to color. She didn't want to color the "sad boy", she wanted to color the "happy boy." She chose facial expressions, and the faces of many different children smiling and began to color as I read to read to her the words, "We all experience...feelings of happiness, sadness, anger pride and shame. We may speak different languages...but we all smile in the same language."

The Story

The Boy With Long Hair misses his school friends when he moves with his family and has to ride the bus with students he doesn't know. He worries about how other children are thinking about the turban he wears. He thinks about how much alike all children are even though they may look different and speak different languages. He decides to tell the children at school about himself, how he doesn't cut his hair, which is why he wears a turban. The children ask questions and then they all play together happily.

Auxiliary Pages

The Boy With Long Hair is designed for classroom use. Auxiliary pages contain facts about Sikhs and Sikhism basics and have lesson suggestions for teachers of second and third graders with an appropriate activities list. The book is fun for children of any age who love to color and presents a great opportunity for opening dialogue between children, teachers, parents and grandparents about tolerance, compassion, ethnic appreciation, or Sikh identity.

Author and Illustrator

Pushpinder (Kaur) Singh, wife and mother of two has been very involved for decades with Sikh studies for children at the San Jose Gurdwara in California. She developed The Boy With Long Hair story coloring book to promote education about the Sikh identity in schools with the hope of fostering universal acceptance and ending racial intolerance leading to discrimination and bullying.

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