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Definition of Sikhism Terms Beginning With B

These are brief definitions of Sikhism terms beginning with B. Select any term in the glossary to find out more about how it's used, its background and in-depth explanation of its meaning. Scroll down for more terms and definitions beneath Sponsored Links.

Bairaag - Austerity
Bairaag, devotional austerity.

Baja - Instrument
Baja, an instrument.

Bana - Spiritual Attire
Bana, the attire of the devout Sikh.

Barat - Bride Groom's Wedding Party
Barat, bride groom's wedding party.

Bhagat - Devotee
Bhagat - a devotee.

Bhang - Marijuana Potion
Bhang, a marijuana potion.

Bhog - Enjoyment
Bhog, the enjoyment of completion.

Bibek - Conscious Principles
Bibek, conscious principles.

Bir - Collection of Compostions
Bir, a volume of scripture containing a collection of compositions.

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