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Ninda - Slander


Boy With Long Hair

What is Being Said About the Boy With Long Hair?

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Ninda, or Nindia, can mean, aspersion, back biting, to besmirch, to blaspheme, censure, defamation, disparage, malign, evil, or ill, speaking, to reproach, ridicule, slander, scornful gossip, and traduce, a malicious verbal attack.

In Sikhism, ninda is discouraged as destructive behavior, not only to the target, but to the speaker.

Nindak - One who who engages in Ninda: One who is a badmouth, a back biter, a blasphemer, one who caluminates, one who is censorious, a defamer, one who engages in libel, one who maligns, who is reproachful, querulous, or a slanderer.

Pronunciation: The i in Ninda has the same sound as the i in ninny. The vowels sounds of Nindia sound those of India.
Also Known As: Nindia

The scripture of Gurbani warns against engaging in Ninda of any kind of slander or speaking ill of anyone, under any circumstances.

  • "Par nindaa par mal mukh sudhee agan krodh chanddaal ||
    Slandering others amounts to putting the others filth in to ones own and wrath is like the fire of the outcaste pariah who cremates dead bodies." SGGS||15
  • "Oustat nindaa doe-oo tiaagai khojai pad nirbaanaa ||
    Renounce both praise and blame, instead seek the salvation state of Nirvaanaa." SGGS||219
  • "Mithiaa sravan par nindaa suneh ||
    False are the ears which hear slander of others." SGGS||268
  • "Ous agai pichhai dtoee naahee jis andar nindaa mu-eh anb paiaa ||
    He finds no refuge here, or hereafter, for whose mouth is blistered with the utterance of slander, his heart is plundered." SGGS||307
  • "Oustat nindaa gur sam jaanaa-ee es jug meh laahaa har jap lai jaa-e ||1|| rahao ||
    Praising, or reproach, the Guru has made me to realize both are the same, and that the profit of this world is in uttering God's name. "||1||Pause||SGGS||362
  • "Nindak nindaa kar mal dhovai ouh malbhakh maa-i-aadhaaree ||
    Slandering, the slanderer washes the filth off others, is an eater of filth, and a worshipper of Maya (illusion)." SGGS||507
  • "Par nindaa mukh tae nehee chhoottee niphal bhee sabh sevaa ||1||
    The slander of others does not leave your lips, fruitless is all your service." ||1|| SGGS||1253

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