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Definition of Sikhism Terms Beginning With P

These are brief definitions of Sikhism terms beginning with P. Select any term in the glossary to find out more about how it's used, its background and in-depth explanation of its meaning. Scroll down for more terms and definitions beneath Sponsored Links.

Paath - Devotional Reading
Paath, devotional reading.

Palla - Sikh Wedding Shawl
Palla, the Sikh wedding shawl.

Panj Bania - Five Prayers
Panj Bania, the five prayers.

Panj Pyara - Five Beloveds
Panj Pyara, the five beloveds.

Panth - Spiritual Path
Panth, society of a spiritual path.

Parchar - Proclamation
The definition of parchar is proclamation. Find out more here.

Parkarma (Pardakhna) - Circumabulation
Parkarma (pardakhna) means circumabulation, to respectfully walk around in a circle. Find out more about when, where and why parkarma is performed here.

Pesh - Appear In Front Of
Pesh means to go before, or appear in front of, a council of five for examination.

Pothi - Sacred Book
Pothi, a sacred book compiled of Sikh hymns and verses.

Prakash - Manifest Light
Prakash - Definition of Prakash

Prashad - An Offering
Prashad, the sanctified offering of a sacred sweet food.

Prem - Love
Prem is the Sikh word for love. Find an in depth meaning with examples from Scripture here.

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