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Definition of Sikhism Terms Beginning With S

These are brief definitions of Sikhism terms beginning with S. Select any term in the glossary to find out more about how it's used, its background and in-depth explanation of its meaning. Scroll down for more terms and definitions beneath Sponsored Links.

Sadhana - Discipline
Sadhana, a discipline.

Sadharan - Simple
Sadharan, simple and ordinary.

Sahib - Lord
Sahib, Lord.

Sakhi - Companion
Sakhi is a spiritual companion. Find an in-depth definition with examples from Sikh scripture here.

Sangat - Companions
Sangat, company, companions, congregation.

Sant - Definition of Sant - Saint
The definition of Sant is saint. Find out more here.

Sarbloh - All Iron
Sarbloh is all iron cookware.

Sarovar - Sacred Pool
Sarovar, a pool of sacred waters.

Sat - Truth
Sat, truth.

Seva - Selfless Service
Seva is voluntary selfless service.

Shabad - Hymn
Shabad, a hymn.

Shaheed - Martyr
Shaheed, a martyr.

Shastar - Weaponry
Shastar, weaponry.

Shastra - Scripture
Shastra, Vedic scripture

Sikh - Seeker
The Sikh a spiritual seeker.

Sikhism - Sikh Religion
Sikhism, the Sikh religion and immigration history of the Sikhs.

Simran - Contemplative Meditation
Simran, contemplative meditation on one's relationship with the divine.

Singh - Lion King
Singh, a lion king.

Sipahi - Soldier
Sipahi means a soldier.

Smagam - Fellowship
Smagam, close association of fellowship.

Sukhasan - Peaceful Repose
Sukhasan, peaceful repose in an easy pose.

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