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Sikh History and People

Want to learn more about the famous people, places and events of Sikh history? Find out here about Sikhism's gurus, historic places of worship, devout Sikh women, men, and martyrs, villainous tyrants and important battles.
  1. Women in Sikh History (11)
  2. Men in Sikh History (24)
  3. Gurus of Sikh History (13)
  4. Historic Events (10)
  5. Historical Gurdwaras (12)
  6. Gatka Sikh Martial Arts Tradition (2)
  7. Sikhism Sects and Schisms (9)
  8. Villains of Sikhism (3)

Sikhism Gurus and Historical Figures
Who are the famous people of Sikh history? Find out here about the ten gurus, martyrs, warriors, important leaders, influential women, treacherous villains and other famous people who helped to shape Sikhism.

Shaheed Singh Martyrs of Sikh History
Martyrdom has occurred throughout centuries of Sikh history when faith and right to worship faced challenges. Sikh martyrs (shaheed Singhs) met death at the hands of Islamic Moguls bent on forced conversion when imprisoned, tortured, and on the battlefield. In recent history, Sikhs have been victimized by hate crimes and riots and genocide.

Top DVD Animated Movies About Sikh History By Vismaad Films
Looking for family films? Find, top animated movies about Sikh history and other DVD's by Vismaad Films here.

Top 3 Sikhism Reference Books
Whether you are a dabbler in Sikh history or a serious scholar of Sikhism, these reference books are vital to your research.

Did Guru Gobind Singh Have More Than One Wife?
Did Guru Gobind Singh have one wife, or three? Find out here how oral and written history indicates that he married three wives, but modern historians feel that customs have been misinterpreted, and that he only married once.

7 Offshoot Sects of Sikhs
Did you know that 7 offshoot sects of Sikhs have evolved over the centuries, who despite their distinctions, respect the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib? Find out more here about Sikhism schisms, splits and splinters.

10 Officially Recognized Mainstream Sikhism Sects
Did you know that 10 branches of Sikhism are officially recognized as belonging to the Sikh Panth? Find out here about the differences and similarities of mainstream Sikhs.

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