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When is Bandi Chhor 2012?


Lotus Lantern Burning Bright

Lotus Lantern Burning Bright

Photo © [S Khalsa]


When is Bandi Chhor 2012?

Bandi Chhor is a Sikh celebration commemorating the release of Sixth Guru Har Govind Guru Har Govind from a Mughal prison in 1619. The guru negotiated his release and that of 52 princes to coincide with Diwali, the Hindu festival of lamps.


Bandi Chhor is celebrated by Sikhs during the four day festival of Diwali when lamps, lantern, and elaborate electric light displays illuminate dark autumn nights. In the Sikh tradition Bandi Chhor is commemorated with kirtan. Many gurdwaras are decorated by Sikh devotees for the occasion with festive lights. According to the Nanakshahi year 544 2012 Sikhism events calendar Bandi Chhor is celebrated on the new moon, Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

Carve a Sikhism Theme Lantern for Bandi Chhor:

Have fun with your family and carve a festive lantern with a Sikhism theme from a pumpkin in under one hour to illuminate your Bandi Chhor kirtan program or private meditation.

Sikhism Theme Jack O Lanterns:

  • Lion
  • Lotus
  • Khanda
  • Ik Onkar

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