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When is Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Gurpurab and Birthday 2012 Nanakshahi 543 / 544?


Artistic Impression of Guru Nanak Dev

Artistic Impression of Guru Nanak Dev

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Question 1 - Prakash 2012:

When is Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Prakash 2012 Nanakshahi 543 / 544?

Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birth is known to Sikhs as prakash, meaning the dawning of spiritual illumination.

Guru Nanak Dev is the founder of Sikhism. His birthday prakash is an important gurpurab commemorative event in Sikhism.

What is the date of Guru Nanak's birthday prakash 2012?

Answer 1 - Prakash 2012:

In year 544 of the Nanakshahi Sikhism calendar, Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday prakash gurpurab is observed on pooran mashi, **November, 28 2012.

Question 2 - Guru Gadee Divas 2012:

When is Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Guru Gadee Divas 2012 Nanakshahi 543 / 544?

In Sikhism, the inaugural commemoration of the guru is known as guru gadee divas.

What is the date of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's inauguration gurpurab commemoration 2012 Nanakshahi 543 / 544?

Answer 2 - Guru Gadee Divas 2012:

There is no history of any guru gadee divas festivities in accordance with an inauguration event.

Question 3 - Joti Jot 2012:

When is Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Joti Jot 2012 Nanakshahi 543 / 544?

When did Guru Nanak Dev Ji's death occur and how is it commemorated in Sikhism? What is the date of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's joti jot gurpurab commemoration in 2012 Nanakshahi 543 / 544?

Answer 3 - Joti Jot 2012:

According to the Nanakshahi calendar Guru Nanak Dev Ji's joti jot is commemorated on September 22, 2012.

Important 2012 Sikhism Commemorative Events and Gurpurab Dates:

Free 2012 Golden Temple Gurpurab Calendar With Gurbani Quote

The 2012 (Nanakshahi Year 543 / 544) Sikhism gurpurab holiday calendar is based on Nanakshahi Calendar conversions and marked with commemorative dates from Sikh History. The free Sikhism events calendar 2012 features Gurbani quotes and exquisite photographs of the Golden Temple.

2012 Sikhism Holidays and Ten Gurus Gurpurab Dates For Nanakshahi Year 544

Gurpurab dates commemorate important events in the lives the ten gurus. Gurpurab dates may be observed as a festive or solemn occasion as historic events warrant. Many gurpurab dates are fixed, however some which correspond to festivals tied to the Indian astrological calendar and are observed on different dates each year.

Other important Sikh holidays correspond to a revolving calendar and change every year including:

*Because of ongoing controversy and amendments to the Nanakshahi calendar correlating with the ever fluctuating Indian calendar based on astrological predictions and lunar influences, 2012 dating for Nanakshahi year 544 corresponds to Nanakshahi fixed dates meant to align with the modern day Gregorian calendar in use in America and other Western countries.

**As of this writing Nanakshahi 544 calendars have not yet been released. Ongoing controversies may affect the dating of 2012 pooran mashi gurpurab celebrations. Check back after Nanakshahi New Year, March 14, 2012 for updates.

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