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Sikh Life and Culture

Who are the Sikhs? Why is the turban so important to Sikhs? Learn about Sikh culture. Find DIY Sikhism and craft projects here.
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"The Royal Falcon Musical": Review
Adapted for stage from "The Royal Falcon" illustrated children's book, by Jessi Kaur, The Royal Falcon Musical is a delightful and charming play put on by a multicultural cast of 16 talented boys and girls between ages 7-15. In a flurry of musical adventures of Kushi, the Royal falcon, and Arjan, a Sikh boy, travel together through time to...

All About the Sikhism Code of Conduct
The Sikhism code of conduct is known as Sikh Reht Maryada (SRM) and outlines the mandates of daily living for every Sikh as well as requirements for the initiated. The code of conduct defines who is a Sikh and offers guidance for the Sikh in personal and public life.

Khanda Insignia Gallery
Artistic expressions display the Khanda insignia or Khalsa Crest, in this gallery of the Sikh Coat of Arms emblem.

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