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Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw: Review

Gurmukhi Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle Game

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Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle Box

Can't wait to open the Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle box.

Photo © [S Khalsa]
"Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw" is a Gurmukhi alphabet 7x12 inch jigsaw puzzle with 40 pieces. It comes in a 5x7 inch box with a picture of the puzzle on the lid. A good thing! This 40 piece puzzle is not quite a simple to put together as you might think. The Punjabi alphabet and Gurmukhi script are identical. Though I read Sikh prayers written in the Gurmukhi script daily remembering alphabetical order of the Punjabi alphabet has always challenged me and the puzzle proved to be no exception. I thought it might be fun for you to play along and see what I went up against while trying to solve the Punjabi Jigsaw puzzle.

Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle Fun

When the Punjabi Jigsaw puzzle arrived, my adult children took one look and declared the game "Cool." As I opened the "Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw" puzzle box, I thought to myself "Hmm... 40 pieces let me see how quickly I can solve it." I enjoy jigsaw puzzles and am pretty good at solving them. The Punjabi Jigsaw turned out to be tougher than I could have imagined.

Take a look at the clustered images and see if you can spot where I went wrong.

At first I attempted to fit the pieces together by color and shape, but in order to solve the jigsaw, I had to pay close attention to the alphabet order and shape. Even so I got tripped up with the final piece.

Once I managed to solve the Punjabi Jigsaw puzzle, I immediately wanted to challenge family members to see who could beat my time. My husband walked in, saw the pieces and began immediately attempting to put them together.

I can think of many ways this simple puzzle game could be used for learning fun. The pieces of the Punjabi Jigsaw are sturdy enough that they ought to hold up well in a classroom setting and what classroom could be more perfect than the your local gurdwara Gurmat Gurmukhi class. Punjabi Jigsaw would make a great learning game or contest for Khalsa Camp activity time or even a child's birthday party, and could also be given as a prize. The box is small enough to pack in your suitcase and take along for travel fun.

Puzzle lovers won't want to miss out this one of a kind game. The fun is not to limited to young children. I challenge any adult to put this puzzle together in under 15 minutes the first time around.

How To Get Your Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw

Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle Oops

Can you tell why this Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle piece won't fit?

Photo © [S Khalsa]

In a category all of its own, this one of a kind puzzle game is a limited edition with fewer then 500 hundred remaining. "Let's learn Punjabi Jigsaw" puzzle game can be ordered directly from Harkirat Singh of UK.

  • Email: mrharkiratsingh@sky.com
  • Cost £5 (about $7.70 USD).
  • Postage for my package came to £3.46 (about $5.34 USD).
  • Shipping time approximately 1 week to 10 days.

Since I first reviewed "Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw" Panjab Mall, an online resource with a PayPal option, has also begun carrying the "Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw" puzzle game. Their endorsement is a testament to the power of learning fun packed into these 40 puzzle pieces:

  • Cost $11.99 USD
  • Tax, Shipping & Handling are added at time of checkout.

Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle Completed

Waheguruoo! Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle is complete.

Photo © [S Khalsa]
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