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Sikh Odyssey Trivia Game: Review

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Sikhism Trivia Game

Sikhism Trivia Game

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The Bottom Line

When our Sikh Odyssey Trivia Game arrived we all gathered around and off came the wrapper. We took the cards out of the box. "Cool!" everyone exclaimed upon seeing the sword shaped Q&A cards. "Every family should have one." Enthusiastically we began to play, heads bent together, eyes intent on questions and answers. Indeed it is very cool. With 540 questions and answers, there is something for everyone whatever their age or knowledge of Sikhism. Don't know the answer? It's a great way to learn something new. You can play this game all by yourself or with any number of others, one question at a time, or indefinitely.


  • Instructions included for one or more players.
  • Encourages learning and increases knowledge.
  • Questions for all age groups range from easy to difficult.
  • Trivia questions about the Sikh Gurus, religion, history, people, and Punjab.
  • Boxed cards are connected at base so no need to worry about losing game parts.


  • Addicting to play.
  • Card sets not numbered.
  • Rare discrepancies due to common misconceptions.


  • Sikhism Trivia game for one or more players with 27 sets of card pairs having 540 questions in all.
  • Hand held riveted spool of sword shaped cards each has 10 questions printed per side with separate accompanying answer card.
  • Offered by Sikh Odyssey for $10 - or www.PunjabMall.com for $11.99 (plus shipping from Canada).
  • Sample Question 1: Who was the first Guru?
    Answer: Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • Sample Question 2: Who was the first Sikh Guru to be a martyr?
    Answer: Guru Arjan Dev Ji, May 1606
  • Sample Question 3: What is the Sikh flag called?
    Answer: Nishan Sahib an orange flag that flies outside of the Gurudwara.
  • Sample Question 4: T/F Guru Granth Sahib Ji consists of poetic compositions.
    Answer: True
  • Sample Question 5: What is daswandh?
    Answer: One-tenth of the income given a charity.
  • Sample Question 6: T/F in 1947, Punjab was divided between India and Pakistan
    Answer: True
  • Sample Question 7 According to the Nanakshahi Calendar, what year is year 1?
    Answer: 1469, the birth of Guru Nanak.

Guide Review - Sikh Odyssey Trivia Game: Review

The Sikh Odyssey Trivia Game has become immediately popular in our household and enthusiasm for playing has not waned with time. Upon seeing the game with orange and blue cards cut in the shape of a sword every one pronounces it "Cool!" and becomes inquisitive including our friends who are not Sikhs. But it's charm seems to have to do with much more than just it's shape or color. Holding the cards in your hand, hearing, or reading the questions about Sikhism and Punjab gives a sense perhaps of personal validation as a Sikh in a world where you are often the odd one out.

Although the game comes with suggestions for play there are no hard and fast rules. There are as many ways to play and have fun while learning as your imagination can dream up. You'll find even the most reluctant reader eager to test their knowledge, wide open to learning, and enjoying the experience. Give everyone a chance to play hands on by asking other players to pick any card and then pick a number between one and ten. No one is too young or old to play. When asked questions he didn't know answers to, my son replied "Guru Gobind Singh" each time giggling, figuring he had to get it right sometime, and we both learned some new facts about Sikh history.

Keep your cards handy and randomly surprise family and friends with questions. Take turns asking questions but be prepared because once you hand the cards over you may not get them back right away even if you know the answers, they are that absorbing. Have a big family or friends visiting? Divide into teams and play Kaurs against Singhs. You could even award prizes. Planning a long trip? Take your cards along and you'll be there before you know it. Heading off to Gurmat camp? Tuck your cards in your bag and challenge your camp companions. The cards also make a great conversation starters and can prompt in depth discussion even on topics of common knowledgeable where there are sometimes common misconceptions.

Questions cover five centuries of history and include the ten gurus and Guru Granth Sahib, Sikh women and heroes of old, rulers of ancient Punjab, and even Sikh immigrants and converts. This is truly a trivia game that no Sikh home will want be without. The boxed card set makes a great gift and a prefect prize for Gurmat competitions.

Kulbir Kaur the creator of the Sikh Odyssey Trivia Game immigrated from India to Canada as a teenager. Working in the field of education for more than 20 years and raising two children of her own inspired her to develop this fun and fantastic educational tool which motivates while it entertains. I have to thank her for bringing so many smiles to our family's faces while enriching our knowledge.

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