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Sikh Speak Glossary A - Z

Wonder how Gurmukhi words are spelled and pronounced? Find out here in Sikh Speak with the Illustrated Gurmukhi Glossary.
Wondering what Sikh words mean? The Sikh Phonetic Picture Dictionary is a glossary of Sikhism terms from A - Z and includes vocabulary, definitions, usage, background, and images of words used on the Sikhism site.

Browse definitions of Sikhism terms from A-Z:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M
N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
  1. Sikhism Glossary A (13)
  2. Sikhism Glossary B (9)
  3. Sikhism Glossary C (3)
  4. Sikhism Glossary D (3)
  5. Sikhism Glossary F (1)
  6. Sikhism Glossary G (12)
  7. Sikhism Glossary H (3)
  8. Sikhism Glossary I (3)
  9. Sikhism Glossary J (5)
  10. Sikhism Glossary K (13)
  11. Sikhism Glossary L (3)
  12. Sikhism Glossary M (5)
  13. Sikhism Glossary N (6)
  14. Sikhism Glossary P (12)
  15. Sikhism Glossary R (4)
  16. Sikhism Glossary S (21)
  17. Sikhism Glossary T (4)
  18. Sikhism Glossary U (1)
  19. Sikhism Glossary V (3)
  20. Sikhism Glossary W (1)

Illustrated Gurmukhi Glossary With Phonetic English Spellings
Are you wondering how words which appear in the Sikhism dictionary are spelled using Gurmukhi script? Find an illustrated dictionary of Gurmukhi words and spellings with phonetic English here.

Langar Cooking Terms
Do you know the meanings of Punjabi words used in Indian food recipe ingredients of langar prepared in the langar hall of the Guru's free kitchen? Find English definitions of Sikh cooking terms here.

10 Sikhism Clergy Terms and What They Mean
Find out here the meaning of ten terms regarding traditional roles of Sikh clergy.

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