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Amritvela - Instance of Immortality


Impression of One Contemplating Ik Onkar During Amritvela

Impression of One Contemplating Ik Onkar During Amritvela

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Amritvela is a term commonly used to mean early morning meditation and usually refers to the three hours just prior to dawn. In Sikhism, Amrit means immortalizing nectar and Vela means time, or moment.

Amritvela is an immortalizing instant of rapture which may occur when one is in absorbed in contemplating the divine creative being Ik Onkar. Such an instance is said to produce a sweet taste of nectar on the tongue engaged in the recitation of Waheguru, a practice known as Simran, meaning to contemplate.

The Sikh code of conduct advises the Sikh to spend Amritvela in meditation contemplating Naam, a kind of meditation which is done by reciting Gurmanter, a term which refers to the word Waheguru, which is a Sikh name for God meaning Wondrous Enlightener.

Pronunciation: Aum rit vae laa
Alternate Spellings: Amrit Velaa, Amrit Veyla, Amrit Vaylaa, Amrit Vaelaa, See Gurmukhi Spelling of Amritvela Illustrated

Guru Nanak wrote:

Amrit velaa sach naao vaddi-aa-ee veechaar||
In the immortalizing hours before dawn, utter the True Name, and contemplate God's glorious greatness. SGGS||2

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