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Langar - Sacred Food Service


Gur ka Langar - Sacred Food Service

Gur ka Langar - Sacred Food Service

Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

The word langar means literally kitchen. In Sikhism it is often used in the phrase "Gur ka Langar," which refers to the Guru's kitchen. However the true meaning is closer to sacred food service, or divine dining.

Langar encompasses both the cooking facility connected to the gurdwara, and a concept of bibek, or conscious cooking while meditating on the divine to inspire humility which manifests in seva:

  • Donations of food stuffs.
  • Voluntary preparation, cooking, serving and cleanup.
Langar feeds the body of the sangat, or congregation being served, and nurtures the soul of the one performing service.

Recipients of langar, the diners, also engage in the act of humility by sitting on the floor side by side with out regard to rank.

Pronunciation: lung - gar

Freeing the mind from ego using the tongue to recite Gurbani and naam, enables one to absorb, and digest, the langar of Guru’s word.

"Langar chalai gur sabad har tott na aavee khatteeai"||
"The dining hall of the Guru's word is open; its supplies never run short."(SSGS||967)

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