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Maryada - Conventions


English Translation of Sikh Reht Maryada Code of Conduct and Conventions

English Translation of Sikh Reht Maryada Code of Conduct and Conventions

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Maryada is a Sanskrit word whose Punjabi equivalent is marjada, the j and y having a similar sound in the Punjabi language. Maryada means compliance of conventions and refers to the mandates of a social code of in the sense of customary rules and regulations required for maintaining respectability of rank pertaining to protocol, propriety and position.

In Sikhism the word marayda is used in conjunction with the word rahit, or conduct to reference Sikh Reht Maryada (SRM) a document outlining the Sikh code of conduct and conventions. The SRM is compiled from the historical teachings of the Sikh gurus and the Khalsa Nation Conventions of Compliance as established by Tenth Guru Gobind Singh. Topics covered by SRM include social customs and traditions such as:

Pronunciation: Mar yaa daa
Alternate Spellings: Mariada

"Jio miryaadaa hindooaa goo maas akhaaju|
As the Hindu code of conduct forbids beef.

Musalmaanaan sooarahu sougand viaaju||
Muslims forswear pork and interest on money loaned.

Sahuraa ghar jaavaa-ee-ai paanee madraaju||
Water from a son-in-law's house is prohibited like wine.

Sehaa ns khaaee chooharraa maaiaa muhtaaju||
A sweeper eats not rabbit however hungry or hard pressed for money.

Jio mitthai makhee marai tis hoe akaaju||
As sweets are spoiled by a dead fly, becoming useless.

Tio dharamasaal dee jhaak hai vihu khanddoopaaj||12||
To eye the earnings of a holy place is to eat sugar coated poison."(12) Bhai Gurdas

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