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Panj Pyare - Five Beloved Ones


Panj Pyare the Five Beloveds Ones

Panj Pyare the Five Beloveds Ones

Photo © [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

Panj Pyare means literally the five beloved.
The word panj is the Punjabi word for five. Pyara is the singular Punjabi word for beloved. Panj Pyare refers to the five beloved ones collectively.

The Panj Pyare are beloved by Sikhs because the tenth guru of the Sikhs Gobind Rai called to a crowd of thousands who had assembled on the day of Vaisakhi, asking for volunteers who would give him their heads. Five men came forward:

  • Bhai Daya Singh
  • Bahi Dharam Singh
  • Bhai Himmat Singh
  • Bhai Muhkam Singh
  • Bhai Sahib Singh
The original five beloved panj pyare, performed the first Amrit initiation ceremony of the Sikhs, in April of 1699, and baptized Guru Gobind Rai as Guru Gobind Singh of the Khalsa order. Since that day, the panj pyare play an important role in all Sikh activities.

Pronunciation: punj rhymes with sponge pyare sounds like pee - are - ae
Alternate Spellings: panj piaray

Panj pyare consists of five initiated Sikhs (Amritdharis) and may be either men or women. Duties of the panj pyare are to:

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