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Singh - Lion King


Seven Singhs

Seven Singhs

Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

Singh means literally means tiger, or lion. Like the word lion is synonymous with royalty and the bravado of a king, Singh implies great majestic courage, even divinity and can be interpreted to mean lion king. The suffix Singh is attached to the name of every Sikh male either at birth or upon rebirth, when initiated as Khalsa:

  • Singh or Singhs is a term which may also encompass the entire body of Sikhs, especially when in reference to initiated Sikhs who have drunk Amrit in the baptism ceremony as bequeathed by Guru Gobind Singh.
  • Singhni, or Singhnee, is a compound of Singh and nee used in reference to a woman. Singhni refers to Sikh woman, particularly an Amritdhari, or initiated female.

Pronunciation: sing

"Bakri singh iktai thae rakhae man har map bham bhou duur keejai ||
The sheep and the lion are kept in one place O mortal, contemplation the Lord your doubts and fears are removed." SGGS||735

"Jaapai jeeo singh-aasan loe ||
With this light the divine throne is seen." SGGS||878

"Har singh-aasan deeoo siree gur tah baitthayou ||
The Lord offered His royal throne and seated the Guru upon it." SGGS||1409

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