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Guru Arjun Dev (1563 to 1606)

Did you know that Guru Arjun Dev began the compilation of the Sikh scriptures and that the original copy still exists? The Guru built Harmandir, the Golden Temple, and installed the scripture there for everyone to enjoy. Find out how he refused to altar the text and became the first Sikh martyr.

Sikh Hymn of Healing "Sagalae Rog Bidaarae" by Guru Arjun Dev
Did you know that Fifth Guru Arjun Dev composed the shabad "Sagalae Rog Bidaarae" when his son Sixth Guru Har Govind nearly died of smallpox as a child? Find here, the story and him here.

Guru Arjun Dev (1563 - 1606)
Guru Arjun Dev, the youngest son of Guru Raam Das, became the fifth guru of the Sikhs, and the first guru to be martyred. Find out about his contributions to Sikhism here.

Guru Arjun Dev Gurpurab Events And Holidays
Find out here about the events of Guru Arjun Dev Ji's birth, inauguration, martyrdom and related commemorative gurpurab holidays.

Factors in the Martyrdom of Fifth Guru Arjun Dev
Who were the 5 key characters responsible for the martyrdom of the 5th Guru. Find out who they were here along with important factors which contributed to the imprisonment, and death, of Guru Arjun Dev.

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