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Guru Gobind Singh (1666 to 1708)

How and when was Sikh religion formalized? Read about the life of Gobind Singh, the tenth and last living guru of the Sikhs, and how he influenced Sikh history.

Joti Jot Guru Gobind Singh
Find out hereabout about the circumstances surrounding the assassination, and death, of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh, and the inauguration ceremony of the holy scripture Guru Granth.

The Story of Guru Gobind Singh's Birth
Read the story of Guru Gobind Singh's birth as told from the perspective of his father Guru Teg Bahdur, mother Gujri, and the Muhammadan, Bhikan Shah.

Guru Gobind Singh (1666 - 1708)
Did you know that Guru Gobind Singh became guru at the age of nine years old after his father was martyred? He was married at age 11 and fathered four sons all of whom were martyred. Guru Gobind Singh created the order of Khalsa and became the first initiate. Read about his life and influence on Sikhism here.

All About Guru Gobind Singh
Read about the contributions of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh and his legacy to Sikhism Here.

Patna, the Birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh
Did you know that his father was not present when Guru Gobind Singh was born, and that he has two different birth dates? Find out about the events and location of Guru Gobind Singh’s birth here.

Saiyid Bhikhan Shah and Spiritual Sovereign Gobind Rai
Did you know that following the birth of Guru Gobind Singh, mystic Pir Bhikhan Shah journeyed 800 miles to see the babe, but was turned away because Guru Teg Bahadar hadn’t yet seen his infant son? Find out here how the famished Pir fasted during his quest to have darshan of the young prince.

Gurdwara Handi Sahib, Mai Ji's Khichri (Khichdi) and Prince Gobind Rai
Did you that Mai Ji, an old woman, cooked a kettle of khichri (khichdi), a kind of all in one meal, for Prince Gobind Rai? Find out here how he promised to be with her whenever she cooked, and how her devotional act became Gurdwara Handi Sahib.

Guru Gobind Singh and Origins of Vaisakhi Holiday
Did you know that Vaisakhi Day, the anniversary of the original Sikh ceremony of initiation and baptism, is one of the most celebrated events in Sikhism? Find out here how the holiday of Vaisakhi is observed.

Guru Gobind Singh and the History of Sikh Baptism
Did you know that Vaisakhi Day commemorates the origins of the Khalsa Nation? Find out about first baptism ceremony and the initiation of Khalsa here and how Guru Gobind Singh performed the first Sikh baptism to create the Panj Pyare and then asked to be baptized himself.

Panj Pyare the Five Beloved of Sikh History
The original five beloved Panj Pyare played a vital role in the shaping Sikh history and defining Sikhism. Find out more about them here.

What Are the 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh?
Did you know that the Sikhism code of conduct is based on edicts or written orders issued by Guru Gobind Singh? Find the 52 hukams of Guru Gobind Singh here.

Guru Gobind Singh and Historic Events Of 1705
Did you know that a series of important events and battles involving Anandpur, Chamkaur, Muktsar, influenced the course of Sikhism in 1705? Find out here about martyrdom of the sons and mother of Guru Gobind Singh, warrior princess Mai Bhago and the 40 liberated ones.

What is the Basis of the Sikhism Code of Conduct?
Did you know that Guru Gobind Singh wrote letters to Sikhs urging them to become initiated by the sword? Read the hukam of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh which is the basis of the Sikhism code of conduct here.

Vaisakhi Hymn "Khalsa Mahima" In Praise of Khalsa
Did you know that Guru Gobind Singh so loved the Khalsa the he wrote a hymn praising their attributes? "Khalsa Mahima" meaning "In Praise of Khalsa" is Guru Gobind Singh's composition extolling the virtues of the "Status of Khalsa" or "Khalsa da Martaba" and often sung as a Vaisakhi hymn. Find it here.

The Royal Falcon by Jessi Kaur Illustrated by Pammy Kapoor
The Royal Falcon - The Royal Falcon by Jessi Kaur Illustrated by Pammy Kapoor: A Review of a story about a mondern boy who goes back in time to visit the Court of Guru Gobind Singh.

When is Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday?
When did is Guru Gobind Singh's birthday take place? Find out here how the date of the tenth guru's prakash is often observed at a different time each year.

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