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Guru Nanak gets a good bargain feeding hungry holy men.
Guru Nanak the Merchant Feeds the Hungry

Guru Nanak the Merchant Feeds the Hungry

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Guru Nanak's father, Kalu, set his son up as a merchant. Kalu gave Guru Nanak money for purchases and sent him on a journey to bring back merchandise hoping to make a good profit. On his way to buy goods, Guru Nanak came across a group of scantily clad hungry holy men living in the forest. Guru Nanak used the money his father had given him to purchase food and clothing and then distributed it to the men in need. Guru Nanak told his angry, disappointed father that he had gotten the best bargain a merchant could get for his money. Guru Nanak began the tradition of the free kitchen known today as langar.

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