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Sikh Initiation and Baptism

Baptism by the sword? Find out what takes place in Amritsanchar, the Sikh initiation and baptism ceremony, its origins, and who can be initiated.
  1. Baptism Ceremony and Amrit (5)
  2. Origins of Sikh Baptism (3)
  3. Code of Conduct (9)

All About Amrit Sanchar the Khalsa Initiation Ceremony
The Sikh baptism ceremony known as Amrit Sanchar originated with Guru Gobind Singh. Find out here all about The Amrit Sanchar ceremony, how the Panj Pyare, or five beloved ones, administer the Khalsa initiations rites and Vaisakhi day is celebrated by Sikhs.

All About the Panj Pyare
Did you know the Panj Pyare are important leaders in Sikhism and the administers of Khalsa initiation baptism rites? Find here all about the role of the Five Beloved in Sikhism.

Panj Pyare the Five Beloved Administers of Amrit
The original five beloved Panj Pyare played a vital role in the shaping Sikh history and defining Sikhism. Find out more about them here.

Why Did You Choose Sikhism?
Why Did You Choose Sikhism? Are you new to Sikhism? Have you been a Sikh since birth? Please share what influenced or inspired you to embrace Sikhism here and read the stories of others.

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