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The Sikh Initiation Ceremony of Amrit Sanchar Illustrated


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Amrit Sanchar, the Sikh Initiation Ceremony of Rebirth
A Sikh Holds a Sword to Guards the Door of the Amrit Ceremony

A Sikh Holds a Sword to Guards the Door of the Amrit Ceremony

Photo © [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

Ceremony of Rebirth

"Peevo paol khanday dhar hoay janam suhaylaa||
Drink Amrit to experience rebirth." Bhai Gurdaas 41||1

A Sikh is both an individual and a member of the Sikh community. A Sikh has an obligation to observe the code of conduct from birth until death. The Sikh code of conduct, defines a Sikh as a person who believes in:

A Sikh who has reached the age of accountability ought to be baptized. Every Sikh man, or woman, of any caste, color, or creed has the right to be initiated.

Amrit Sanchar is the Sikh initiation ceremony of rebirth. It may be held any time of day in a secluded place. At least one new initiate must be present. No one may enter once the ceremony begins. A Sikh holding a sword guards the door.

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