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Illustrated Gurmukhi Vowel Mukta - A

Gurmukhi Laga Matra Illustrated


Mukta is a Gurmukhi vowel.
Gurmukhi Laga mMtra Vowel Mukta - A

Gurmukhi Laga mMtra Vowel Mukta - A

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Gurmukhi Vowel Pronunciation Guide

The vowels of Gurmukhi are identical to the Punjabi alphabet and are known as laga matra. Mukta is one of 10 vowels of the Gurmukhi script in which Gurbani of Sikh scripture is written. Mukta means liberated and thus has no symbol or character, so is designated only by the top connecting line of the Gurmukhi script. Mukta has a short vowel sound, symbolized by A and is pronounced as the a in about, or another. Mukta is pronounced after a consonant or vowel holder. The Romanized spelling of Mukta is phonetic and may be also spelled Muktaa, however spelling may differ slightly in original Gurmukhi texts, as well as Romanized and English translations of Gurbani and Punjabi.

Gurmukhi Vowel Holder Guide

In the written Gurmukhi texts, or Punjabi language, vowels which are not preceded by a consonant are preceded instead by a vowel holder. Mukta is written in conjunction with the vowel holder Airraa.

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