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Sikh Hymn: "Gur Satigur Ka Jo Sikh Akhaa-ae"

"One Who Calls Them-self a Sikh of The Guru"


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This shabad composed by Fourth Guru Raam Das gives instruction on the daily worship practice for the Sikh. Excavating a sarovar, or sacred pool, filled with water from the Ganges for bathing and performing ablution, the Guru initiated the building of a communal worship place. Harmandir meaning "Temple of God" later became known as the Golden Temple and is the spiritual center of Sikhism. The theme of bathing in the sacred tank is incorporated into the verse which stresses illumination of the consciousness bathed in divinely inspired scripture

The one who seeks to be enlightened is advised to rise before dawn and contemplate the divine through early morning meditation of the holy name. Expending the energy to bathe the body with water of the sacred pool is recommended along with performing isnaan the ablution of immersing the soul in divine nectar which is accomplished by audibly calling on the beloved Lord God. Such a cleansing, as instructed by the Enlightener, washes away the the dark deeds of wrong doings, clearing the blemish of transgression. Divine light dawns with the rising sun as the hymns of the Enlightener are sung by the devotee who sitting or standing is profoundly entranced with the divine. Such a one who with every breath taken, and every bite of food partaken, deliberates upon the divine Lord God, is a true seeker of the Enlightening Instructor, and reflects the joyous consciousness of the Enlightener. That seeker, to whom is granted the merciful grace of the Enlightener, is the recipient of understanding the divine instruction imparted. Enslaved of such consciousness, Nanak begs the particles which fall from the feet of one who treads the path which leads from darkness into spiritual illumination while calling the divine name, and who in doing so inspires others to follow the same course and call on the light within.

"Ma 4 ||
Fourth Mehla:

Gur satigur kaa jo sikh akhaa-ae su bhalkae outth har naam dhiaavai ||
A seeker of the True Enlightener who calls them-self a Sikh of the Guru, shall rise in the early hours of morning and contemplate upon the Lord's Name.

Oudam karae bhalkae parbhaatee isanaan karae anmrit sar naavai ||
Making an effort in the early morn, they ought to bathe and make ablutions in the pool of nectar.

Oupdaes guroo har har jap jaapai sabh kilavikh paap dokh leh jaavai ||
Following the instructions of the Guru, to audibly recite the Name of the Lord, all accusations, sins, and misdeeds are erased.

Phir charrai divas gurbaanee gaavai behadiaa outthadiaa har naam dhiaavai ||
Then, as the sun rises, sing the word of the Enlightener while either sitting, or standing, and meditate upon the Lord's Name.

Jo saas giraas dhiaaeae meraa har har so gursikh guroo man bhaavai ||
One who with each and every breath, or morsel taken, meditates on my Lord, becomes a Sikh of the Guru and is pleasing to the Enlightener's mind.

Jis no daiaal hovai meraa suaamee tis gursikh guroo oupdaes sunaavai ||
Unto whom my Lord Master shows mercy, to that Sikh of the Guru the Enlightener's instruction is imparted.

Jan naanak dhoorr mangai tis gursikh kee jo aap japai avareh naam japaavai ||2||
Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that Sikh of the Guru who them-self recites the Name, and inspires others to repeat it." ||2|| SGGS||305

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