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DIY Baby's First Prayerbook With Sikhism Theme Illustrated Instructions


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Baby's First Prayerbook With Sikhism Theme
DIY Baby's First Prayerbook

DIY Baby's First Prayerbook

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Baby's First Prayerbook With Sikhism Theme

A baby prayerbook with Sikhism themes is a great way to introduce your infant or toddler to a hands on experience of learning about Sikhism. Looking at the prayerbook regularly helps to prepare baby for reading Nitnem, required prayers, in later life. A prayerbook pothi pouch helps to keep the baby's prayerbook clean when not in use, and is a handy way to carry it along to gurdwara worship programs. Tuck in a rattle for baby to keep time with kirtan (hymns), or a ring of prayer beads (mala) for teaching baby naam simran or how to repeat Waheguru. As baby grows and learns to recognize Sikhism symbols, he or she will enjoy looking at the prayerbook quietly during services with siblings or other youngsters. Toddlers with nimble fingers may enjoy arranging the order of pages as they lace together easily. Baby's first prayerbook won't rip or tear and is hand washable.

Read through all the instructions and steps before cutting or sewing to get a good idea of what you will need so you can gather materials for your own unique baby's first prayerbook. It's pretty easy to make, so even if you are new to sewing, don't worry, baby is new to the world and will love the prayerbook you make yourself, and won't mind, or even notice imperfections. Busy with baby? Don't worry, you can make one page at a time and add to the prayerbook as baby grows. Once you've made the first page you'll be an expert.

Skill level - Easy to intermediate. Allow 15 - 60 minutes for cover and per page.

Tools needed:

  • Scissors.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Straight pins.
  • Tape measure.
  • Sewing machine or sewing needle.

Materials needed for the baby's first prayerbook:

  • Lacing 36 to 48 inches in length.
  • Foam, cotton or polyester batting.
  • Solid color silky, shiny, or satiny fabrics.
  • Thread to match, or of a contrasting color.
  • Rumala fabric printed with Sikhism themes.
Rumalas are altar cloths used to cover the Guru Granth Sahib and come pre-made in sets with one or two large pieces and two small ones:
  • Purchase Rumala fabric from an Indian fabric store.
  • Ask your gurdwara where or how you can procure a Rumala. Many gurdwaras have spare new rumalas or used sets which are missing a piece, and would happy to let you have what you need for a donation. You can cut out and use good portions of any Rumala which has faded or frayed and discard the remainder appropriately.

The cover and each page will take two rectangles of fabric apiece to make, each measuring 6 x 12 inches. More fabric suggestions:

  • New fabric.
  • Recycle good condition used fabric.
  • Scraps left over from other sewing projects.
  • Remnants found on sale at your fabric store.
  • New or used Rumala fabric with Sikhism themes.

Get your materials together and let's get started cutting the fabric for the cover.

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