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Sikh Baby Names Beginning With S

Spiritual Names Starting With S


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Choosing a Sikh Name

Like most Indian names, the Sikh baby names beginning with S listed here have spiritual meanings. Some Sikhism names are taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib and others are Punjabi names. English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same.

Spiritual names starting with S may be combined with other Sikh names to form unique baby names that are approrpiate for either boys or girls. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

What You Need To Know Before You Select a Sikh Baby Name

Sikh Names Beginning With S

Saad - Glad, delighted
Saaheb, Saheb, Sahib, Sahab - Lord master
Sabad - Hymn
Sabak - Lesson
Sabal - Strong
Sabar - Patiently, enduring
Sabat - Firm, faithful
Sach, Sacha - Truth, true
Sada - Everlasting
Sadan - Call out
Sadanaam - Everlasting name
Sadasatsimran - Everlasting true name
Sadeep - Eternity
Sadeepak, Sadipak - Eternal (lamp, flame)
Sadhnah - Practice
Sadhak - Disciple, practitioner
Sadhu - Virtuous
Sadka, Sadke, Sadqah - Self sacrifice, selfless service
Saf, Safa - Pure, clean
Sagan - Alms, omen
Sagar, Sagarr - Dew, (ocean, sea)
Sah - Breath
Sahej - Gentle
Sahjara (e) - Dawn, daybreak
Sai - Endeavor, pledge
Saidi, Sadie - Emerald
Sain, Saiyan - Lord
Saj - Beauty
Sajiv - Living
Sajj - Morning sun
Sajjan - Friend
Sajjra - New, fresh
Sakarath - Purposeful
Sakat - Power
Sakh - Trust
Sakhi - Companion
Sala, Shala - God the doer and causer
Salah - Counsel
Salamat (i) - Safety, tranquillity,
Salona - Comely, beautiful
Samai - Forbearance
Sampuran - Complete, perfection
Samran - Remembering (God)
Samuddar, Samundar - Ocean
Sanantan - Eternal Infinite, without beginning or end
Sanch (a) - Truth, righteous
Sandeep - A lamp
Saneh - Friendship
Sanghi - Companion, pilgrim
Saniasi, Sanyasi - Aesthetic
Sanj (o) - Armor
Sanjam - Forbearance
Sanjeet - Victor
Sanjog - Union
Sant, Santa, Santaa - Saint, holy person, (tranquility)
Santbir - Heroic holy one
Santkirin - Ray of holy light
Santokh - Content
Sapahi - Soldier
Sapandeep - Perfectly illuminating lamp
Saar - Essence, Iron, God's favor, fortunate,
Saarpreet, Sarpreet, Sarprit - Essence of love, Favor or fortune of God's love
Sar - Pool, tank, reservoir a mystery
Sara - All, whole, entire, complete
Sarab - All, whole, entire, complete
Sarabsarang - Completely colorful and musical
Sarabjeet (jit) - Completely victorious
Saran - Protection, sanctuary, refuge
Sarang - Colorful and musical
Sarbat - Everywhere
Sarbloh - Entirely iron
Sarda - Goddess of music
Sardar - Chief headman
Sardha, Sardhalu - Faith, grace
Sarest, Saresht - Superior
Sarfraji - Exalted
Sarkar - King's court
Saroop - Beauty
Saroor - Joy
Sarpreet - Reservoir of love, mysterious secrets of love
Sartaj - Crown, leader
Sarwan, Sarvan - Worthy, affectionate, generous
Sat - Truth
Satsarang - Truly colorful and musical
Satamrit - True immortalizing nectar
Satinder - True God of heaven
Satinderpal - Protection of the true God of heaven
Satjit - True victory
Satjot - Light of truth
Satkiran - Ray of truth
Satkirtan - Singing truth
Satmandir - Temple of truth
Satminder - Temple of the true God of heaven
Satnam - True name, identity (of God)
Satraj - Dominion of truth
Satsantokh - True content
Satsimran - Contemplation of truth
Satvir - Champion of truth
Satwant - Truthfulness
Satwinder - True God of heaven
Seema - Boundary
Sehajleen - Easily absorbed (in God)
Sehejbir - Effortlessly heroic
Seva - Selfless service
Shabad - Sacred hymn
Shakti - Power, strength
Shaktiparwah - Power of supreme wonder
Shamsher - Bravery of a Tiger
Shaan (Shan) - Dignity, glory, lustre, pomp, radiance, splendor
Shanti - Peace
Sharan - Refuge
Sharanjit - Refuge of the victor
Sher - Tiger, Lion
Shukar, Shukarian (ana) - Gratitude, (prayers)
Siam - Lord
Sian - Knowledge
Sidak - Sincere
Sidd - Resolute
Sidh - Attainment
Sifat - Virtue
Sijal - Correct
Sijh - Sun
Sikh - Disciple
Sikhal - Pinnacle
Simleen - Absorbed in remembering (God)
Simran - Contemplation
Simrat - Remember, remembering through meditation
Simranjeet (jit) - Victorious in contemplation
Sinap - Wisdom
Sinda - Gratitude
Singh, Sihan, Sinh - Lion
Sir, Siri, Sri - Head, supreme
Siriraam - Supreme omniscient God
Siripritam - Supreme longing of beloved
Sirisatsimran - Supreme contemplation of truth
Siriseva - Supreme selfless service
Sirisimran - Contemplation of the Supreme
Sirivedya - Supreme understanding
Snatam - Universal
Sodhi - Khalsa warrior clan
Sohana - Excellent, beautiful
Sohani - Sweetheart
Sojala, Sojalaa - Dawn
Sojara, Sojaraa - Daybreak
Solan, Solani - Adornment
Soli - Favorable
Som - Moon
Sona, Soina - Gold
Sonhan - Beautiful, handsome
Soni, Sonia - Warrior
Such, Sooch - Pure
Suchdev - Pure deity
Sucham - Pure goodness
Suchiaar, Suchiaara, Suchiaari - Excellent and true
Suhejdeep - Lamp or region of elegance or ease
Sudhman, Suddhman - Pure of heart, mind, and soul
Sughar, Sugharr - Elegant, virtuous
Sukh - Peaceful pleasure
Sukhbinder - Peaceful God of heaven
Sukhbir - Champion of peace
Sukhdeep (dip) - Lamp of Peace, Region or Island of Peace
Sukhdev - Deity of peace
Sukha - Pleasurable
Sukhi - At ease, tranquil, content
Sukhman - Peaceful heart (mind, soul)
Sukhmandir, Sukhminder - Temple of peace
Sukhmani - Tranquil lagoon
Sukhpal - Protector of Peace
Sukhpreet - Lover of peace
SukhSimran - Peaceful contemplation (of God)
Sukhvir - Champion of Peace
Sukhvinder, Sukhwinder - Peaceful God of heaven
Sulachhna, Sulakhna - Fortunate
Sulagg - Blameless, pure as gold
Sulha, Sulhara - Kind
Sumanjeet (jit) - All victorious
Summat, Sumit - Benevolent
Sunaina - One who hears or listens
Sundar, Sundari, Sundri - Beautiful
Suneet - Absorbed in hearing
Sur - Devotee or God
Sur, Soor, Soora, Sooriya - Hero
Surinder - Devotee of God in heaven
Surinderjit - Victorious devotee of God
Surjeet (jit) - Victorious devotee
Surma, Soorman - Hero
Surta - Consciousness
Swaran, Swarn - Gold

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Glossary of Sikh Baby Names and Spiritual Names

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