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Sikh Baby Names & Sikhism Spiritual Names A - Z

Sikh names are given at birth, sometimes at marriage, at the time of initiation (baptism), or taken by any individual who wishes to have a spiritual name. Find Sikh spiritual names and their meanings here. Also find hymns and prayers of blessing for new parents, babies, and children of any age.
  1. Sikh Baby Names A - Z (26)
  2. Sikh Prayers for a Child (5)

All About Sikh Baby Names
Did you know Sikh baby names have spiritual meanings and are suitable for either boys or girls? Find our here what you need to know before you name your Sikh baby, all about the baby naming ceremony, and the meanings of thousands of spiritual Sikh and Punjabi baby names.

The Sikh Baby Naming Ceremony
Did you know that a Sikh newborn is presented to the Guru Granth, usually by the age of six weeks. Find out here how a Sikh baby naming ceremony is conducted.

Before You Select a Sikh Baby Name
If you want to give your baby a Sikh name or if you or someone you know would like a spiritual name, find out the appropriate method for choosing a Sikh spiritual name here.

What Does Your Spiritual Name Mean To You?
Did you receive your name at birth or later on in life? Does having a spiritual name have a special meaning for you? Share your story here.

Unique Baby Names With Spiritual Meanings
Give your Child a unique baby name with a distinctive spiritual meaning.

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