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Langar Free Kitchen Food & Recipes

Langar is the Sikh dining tradition of preparing free meals, serving each other, and sitting side by side on the floor, while eating. Learn all about the langar hall and sacred food service of the Sikh gudrwara. Find divine tasting food and devotional recipes here.
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All About Langar of Guru's Free Kitchen
Did you know that sacred food service is an important part of Sikhism? Learn all about langar, the history of the Guru's free kitchen, how free food is made and served in the gurdwara, during parades, and provided to disaster victims. Find recipes for delicious traditional Indian food prepared with prayer and meditation.

Langar, The Sikh Dining Tradition
The Sikh tradition of dining and voluntary service is based on the concept and history the Guru's free kitchen.

Eight Guidelines For Langar
Did you know that there are unwritten rules as well as decrees issued for preparing, serving and eating langar? Find eight important guidelines here observed in the free kitchen and dining hall of Sikh langar.

Langar Cooking Terms
Do you know the meanings of Punjabi words used in the Guru's free kitchen and Sikh langar hall? Find the English definitions of Sikhism food, recipe ingredients, and cooking terms here.

Sikhism Dietary Law: What Does Gurbani Say About Eating Meat?
What does Gurbani say about eating meat? Is eating meat OK in Sikhism? Find out what the holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib says about eating meat here.

Illustrated Visit to Kitchen and Dining Hall of the Sikh Gurdwara
Would you like to see what goes on in the Guru's free kitchen? Here is a look at volunteers at work preparing food for the langar hall.

Tables and Chairs Not allowed in the Langar Dining Hall
Did you know that tables and chairs are not allowed in the langar dining hall? Find out here why every one is meant to sit on the floor together side by side and who is bucking core belief and tradition.

SikhiStore Sarbloh Bata: Review
Have you been wanting an Sarbloh bata? SikhsStore.com has a beautiful all iron bowl in their online shop. Find out here where to order.

Sikhism Readers Original Recipes Submission Form
Encourage others to try out new recipes. Submit your original egg-free vegetarian langar recipes to share with our readers here.

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