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Basics Of Sikhism

What is Sikhism? If you are new to Sikhism find out answers to your questions about the basic beliefs of the Sikh religion here in this introduction to the Sikh faith and people.
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What is Sikhism?
If you have questions about Sikhism you may be able to find some of the answers you are looking for here. This brief introduction is for anyone new to Sikhism who is unfamiliar with the Sikh people and Sikh Faith.

What Are the Origins of Sikhism?
Find out about the origins of Sikhism, and the founding of Sikhs beliefs.

The Three Principles of Sikhism
What are the origins underlying fundamental principles of the Sikh faith?. Find out about here.

What Are the Four Cardinal Commandments of Sikhism?
What are the four cardinal commandments for Sikhs? Find out out here abut the four mandates and major misconducts of Sikhism.

The Five Defining Essentials of Sikhism
A Sikh is defined as a person who believes in the five essentials principles of faith. Find out what these are here.

What Are the Five K's?
A initiated Sikh is required to wear five articles of faith on their the person at all times. Find out what these are.

What Are the Five Evils?
Did you know that five elements of ego are basic drives and motivators of the body and intellect. Ego's inner dialogue is capable of enslaving the soul in illusory pursuits of Maya, miring it in material distractions. Find out what the five evils are here.

Amritvela Cheat Sheet 5 Ways to Jaap Naam 50 Minutes By 5 AM For 5 Days
Life happens, but don't let it get in the way of your early morning meditation. Be a soul bride warrior and fight back. Find five ways here with this innovative Amritvela cheat sheet that you jaap naam for 50 minutes by 5 am. Try it for five days.

What Are the Five Required Prayers?
What are the five required daily prayers of Sikhism? Find out here.

Eight Guidelines For Langar
Did you know that there are unwritten rules as well as decrees issued for preparing, serving and eating langar? Find eight important guidelines here observed in the free kitchen and dining hall of Sikh langar.

Top Ten Sikh Beliefs
If you are new to Sikhism, this overview of the primary tenets of the Sikh faith will help you to understand the basic concepts of Sikh beliefs.

Top Ten Reasons Not to Cut Your Hair
Did you know that keeping kes, or hair, intact is a key concept in Sikhism. Find out here the top ten reason not to cut your hair.

Top Ten Tips for Establishing Early Morning Meditation
Would you like to establish an early morning meditation routine? Whether or not you are a Sikh, these ten tips can help you to attain, maintain, and sustain a richly rewarding meditation practice for life.

Eleven Sikhism Dos and Don'ts
What are the dos and don'ts of Sikhism? Find out here.

Eleven Sikhism Matrimonial Dos and Don'ts
What are the dos and don'ts of Sikhism matrimonial rites including arranged marriage, engagement and wedding ceremony? Find out here.

Eleven Things You'll Learn at Gurmat Camp
Did you know that gurdwaras offer Gurmat classes teaching Sikhism basics in children's camps? Find out about religious studies for Sikh youth here.

What is the Basis of the Sikhism Code of Conduct?
Did you know that Guru Gobind Singh wrote letters to Sikhs urging them to become initiated by the sword? Read the hukam of Tenth Guru Gobind Singh which is the basis of the Sikhism code of conduct here.

Sikh Controversy: Panthic Arguments, Conflicts, Debates and Distortions
What Panthic issues in Sikh distort history? Find out here about major conflicts and controversies in Sikhism.

Sikhism Basic Beliefs and Practices FAQ
What are the facts about the beliefs and practices of the Sikh religion? Find out here how everyday life is influenced by the Sikhism code of conduct.

Gurmukhi to English Resources
Find English resources for Gurmukhi words and meanings here at Sikh Speak including dictionaries, definitions, guide to pronunciation, and translation of spiritual names and scripture

5 Signs You may Be Meditating Too Much
Did you know that the blissful feelings of meditating can lead to addiction? Find out the 5 signs of meditating too much along with the symptoms dangers of over meditation here.

10 Sikhism Clergy Terms and What They Mean
Find out here the meaning of ten Sikhism terms regarding traditional roles of Sikh clergy, gurdwara caretakers, and attendants.

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