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The Three Principles of Sikhism

Fundamental Teachings of Sikhism


The Three Principles of Sikhism

The Three Principles of Sikhism

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Three Tenets of the Sikh Faith

Sikhism has its beginnings in northern Panjab in the late 15th Century. Nanak Dev, the first guru, born to a Hindu family, showed a deep spiritual nature from early childhood. As he matured and became absorbed in meditation, he questioned rituals, idolatry and the rigidity of the caste system. His closest companion, a minstrel named Mardana, came from a Muslim family. They traveled together extensively for more than 25 years. Nanak sang hymns he composed in devotion of one God. Mardana accompanied him by playing the Rabab, a stringed instrument. They developed and taught three fundamental principles:

  1. Naam japna, remembering God through meditation:
  2. Kirat karo, earning an honest living:
  3. Vand chakko, selflessly serving others, sharing income and resources:

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