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Amrit - Immortalizing Nectar


Sikh Initiate Drinks Immortal Amrit Nectar

Sikh Initiate Drinks Immortal Amrit Nectar

Photo © Ravitej Singh Khalsa / Eugene, Oregon / USA

Amrit is said to be the ambrosial nectar of gods, immortalizing those who drink of it.

Phonetically a single a sound translates to mean "un". A double aa translates to mean "come". Mrit means "death". Put together these sounds form the word Amrit which means, literally, "death is un come," and implies a state of immortality.

  • Amritsanchar - The Sikh baptism ceremony. Five beloved administrators of Amrit known as the panj pyare prepare Amrit nectar by stirring sugar cakes into an iron bowl filled with water using an iron sword.
  • Amrit Banis - Five prayers of initiation are recited to infuse the water of the baptismal nectar with the sweetness of sugar, strength of iron and the immortalizing properties of prayer.
  • Amritdhari - Partaking of the Amrit nectar, initiates are known as Amritdhari, or the possessors of immortality who drink Amrit to experience a kind of rebirth, immortalizing the soul and releasing it from the bonds of transmigration.
  • Amritvela - Instructions are given to Amritdhari initiates to meditate during the early morning hours before dawn, a practice known as Amritvela, or an instance of immortality. Panj pyare instruct initiates to recite the scripture and the nectar name Waheguru, to recreate Amrit within.
  • Amrit Kirtan - Hymns of immortal nectar are compositions recited and sung by devotees from Sikh scripture.

Pronunciation: Aum - mrit
Alternate Spellings: See Gurmukhi Spelling of Amrit

The succession of Sikh gurus embodied by immortal light is described in scripture:
"Amaradaas amrat chhatra gur raameh deeao ||
Guru Amar Das bestowed the umbrella of immortality upon Guru Raam Das. SGGS||1408

The way to immortality through meditation is described in scripture:
Amrit baanee sadhaa salaahae amrit amrit paavaniaa ||1||
The Ambrosial Word ever praises the immortal by which one obtains Immortal Ambrosial Nectar." ||1||SGGS||118

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