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Do Sikhs Believe in a Bible?

Guru Granth, the Sacred Scripture of Sikhism


A Siikh Reading the Guru Granth

A Sikh Reading the Guru Granth

Photo © [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

Most of the world's major religions have sacred texts, and scriptures, which are believed to reveal supreme truth, the way to enlightenment, or the holy word of God. The various names for these are:

  • Buddhism - Sutras
  • Christianity - Bible
  • Hinduism -Gita and Vedas
  • Islam - Koran
  • Judaism - Torah
  • Sikhism - Guru Granth

The sacred scripture of Sikhism is written in the Gurmukhi script and bound in a single volume called a Granth. Sikhs believe that their scripture is the embodiment of truth, and holds the key to enlightenment and thus, salvation of the soul. Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh guru, compiled the verses which make up the Sikh scripture. It contains poetry of Guru Nanak, six other Sikh gurus, Sufis, and Hindu holy men. Gobind Singh, the tenth guru, declared the scripture of the Granth to be his eternal successor and the Guru of the Sikhs for all time. Therefore, Guru Granth is last in the lineage of the Sikh gurus, and can never be replaced.

Guru Raam Das wrote: "The Word of the True Guru is the embodiment of Truth; through the Guru's word, one becomes perfect." SGGS||304

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