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Top Ten Sikh Beliefs

The Tenets of Sikhism


What are the top ten beliefs of Sikhsm? Here is a basic overview of the primary tenets of the Sikh faith:

1. Worship One God

Embroidered Ik Onkar
Photo © [S Khalsa ]

Acknowledge one creator. Do not worship demi-gods or idols.

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2. Treat Everyone Equally

Sikh Sentiment on Interfaith Sign
Photo [S Khalsa]

Do not show distinction or rank because of race, class, or gender.

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3. Live By the Three Primary Principles

Three Pillars of Sikhism
Photo [S Khalsa]

Be always absorbed in meditation and prayer.
Make an honest income by honorable methods.
Share earnings and selflessly serve others.

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4. Avoid the Five Sins of Ego

Practice daily prayer and meditation to reduce the effects of ego and prevent indulgence in:

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5. Become Baptized

Amritsanchar Ceremony of Khalsa Initiation
Photo © [Ravitej Singh Khalsa / Eugene, Oregon / USA]

Be spiritually reborn by taking part in the baptism ceremony conducted by the "Five Beloved" Sikhs, who prepare and administer immortalizing nectar to initiates.

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6. Keep the Code of Honor

English Translation of The Document Sikh Rhet Maryada
Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

Live according to specific individual, and communal, ethical and spiritual commitments. Forsake worldly ties. Abide by the guru's teachings. Practice daily worship.

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7. Wear the Five Articles of Faith

Kachhera, the Sikh undergarment, are one of the required 5 K's.
Photo © [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

Wear the Sikh undergarment for modesty and health.
Wear a wooden comb in the turban to keep hair clean and untangled.
Wear a steel wristlet as a sign of faith.
Wear hair uncut, to honor the creator’s intention.
Wear a small sword symbolic of defending the religious rights of all faiths.

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8. Follow the Four Commandments

Amritdhari Initiates
Photo © [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

Do not dishonor the creator's intention by cutting the hair.
Do not harm the body with tobacco or other intoxicants.
Do not eat sacrificial meat.
Do not commit adultery.

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9. Recite the Five Daily Prayers

Nitnem Gutka
Photo © [S Khalsa]

Repeat the morning prayers.
Repeat the evening prayer.
Repeat the bedtime prayer.

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10. Take Part in Fellowship

Live Laugh Love
Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

Worship together and sing God’s praise.
Cook and eat together.
Serve each other.

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