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The Basics Of Sikhism


This section introduces the basic concepts of Sikhism. What is Sikhism? Who is a Sikh? What do Sikhs believe and practice? Learn about the lives of the 10 gurus of Sikh history. Get acquainted with the scriptures and text of Guru Granth Sahib.

  1. Important Beliefs
  2. The Gurus
  3. Women in Sikh History
  4. Sikh Men in History
  5. Shaheed Sikh Martrys
  6. Historic Events
  7. Scriptures, Texts and Hymns
  1. Gurmukhi Script
  2. What Does Gurbani Say?
  3. Code of Conduct FAQ
  4. Sikhism Practices FAQ
  5. Controverial Issues
  6. Top Sikhism Reference Books & Gurbani Resources
  7. Picture Dictionary Of Sikh Words and Meanings

Important Beliefs

Courtesy S. Khalsa

Are you a newcomer to Sikhism? Find answers to your questions here, and become familiar with the basic fundamentals and principles of Sikhism. Compare the beliefs of Sikhism to those of other major religions.

The Gurus

Courtesy S. Khalsa

Founders of the Sikh religion, the 10 gurus were each instrumental in introducing various concepts important to Sikhism. Here you can find important dates and events in the lives of the gurus.

Women in Sikh History

Artistic Impression of a Woman in Sikh History

Women played a vital part in the course of Sikh history. Many Sikh women including the mothers, daughters, and sisters, of the Sikh gurus, were instrumental in bringing about time honored traditions and shaping important events. Learn about important women in Sikh history here.

Sikh Men in History

Sikh Men in History

Heroic Sikh men played a vital part in the course of history serving beside the ten gurus. Many Sikh men including the fathers, sons, and brothers, of the Sikh gurus, were instrumental in bringing about time honored traditions and shaping important events. Learn about important male figures in Sikh history here.

Shaheed Sikh Martrys

Artistic Impression of Guru Gobind Singh's Younger Sons

Sikhism has a long history of martyrdom beginning with fifth Guru Arjun Dev. Sikh gurus their families and followers became martyrs suffering relentless torture to keep their faith rather than succumb to tyrannical forced conversion to Islam. Modern day martyrs have been victims of ignorance and mistrust. Find out who the famed shaheed Sikh martyrs are here.

Historic Events


Historic events helped to shape the course of Sikhism. Find out about the major battles and other significant events important to Sikh history here.

Scriptures, Texts and Hymns

Courtesy Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

Sikhs consider their scripture to be their guru and the guide to enlightenment. Daily prayers are required reading for Sikhs. If you are new to Sikhism start here to find out the proper care for the scripture of Guru Granth, and the method for reading the texts.

Gurmukhi Script

Gurmukhi Alphabet Consonants

Every Sikh regardless of origin is required to learn Gurmukhi script in order to be able to read scriptures and daily prayers. Each character of the Gurmukhi script has unique phonetic sound. Find an illustrated introduction to Gurmukhi consonants, vowels, numerals, auxiliary symbols and a pictured dictionary of Gurmukhi words here with pronunciation guides and tips for learning to read.

What Does Gurbani Say?

Ancient Guru Granth Sahib

Sikhism scripture is an unparalleled guide for Sikh living. Find out here what the hymns of Gurbani found in "Guru Granth Sahib" authored by esteemed Sikh gurus and bhagats, "Dasam Granth" the compositions of Guru Gobind Singh and the Vaars of Bhai Gurdas have to say about the important issues of every day life.

Code of Conduct FAQ

English Translation of The Document Sikh Rhet Maryada

The Sikhism code of conduct is outlined in a document known as Sikh Rehit Maryada (SRM). Find answers here to questions about every day life regarding the code of conduct.

Sikhism Practices FAQ

Closeup of a Woman Wearing a GoSikh.com Turquoise Turban

What is permitted for Sikhs? What is not allowed? Find frequently asked questions and answers about Sikhism practices here.

Controverial Issues

Rajoana Rally Signboard

Obscurities and discrepancies in oral and written history have resulted in a diverse interpretation among modern day historians and scholars leading to rampant discussion, heated debate, and even excommunication. Find out here more about the leading controversial issues in Sikhism.

Top Sikhism Reference Books & Gurbani Resources

Sacred Nitnem Reference Book

Whether you are new and just learning the basics, or a serious scholar of Sikhism, these are top reference books and resources that you won't want to be without.

Picture Dictionary Of Sikh Words and Meanings

Waheguru Etched on Marble

Many words commonly used in Sikhism are of Indian origin. Learn the meanings of terms and concepts which are essential to a basic understanding of Sikhism.

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