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Life and Practices of Sikh People


To be a Sikh means to practice Sikhism in every aspect of daily life with every breath, thought and deed. This section highlights the everyday life of a Sikh, and offers guidance to enriching the Sikh experience with practical application. The information here is meant to foster greater understanding within the world community with an aim of educating the interested onlooker, while encouraging Sikhs themselves to discover the depths of divine existence had in the distinction of their unique lifestyle.
  1. Sikhism Important Life Events
  2. The Role of Family in Sikhism
  3. Sikhism Code of Conduct
  4. Tolerance & Discrimination
  5. High Profile Politics in Punjab
  6. Share Your Sikhism Story
  7. Share Opinions and Expertise
  8. Authors Share Original Short Stories and Poems
  9. Guru ka Langar Food & Recipes
  1. Shopping: Sikhism Articles of Faith, Apparel & Accessories
  2. Traditional Kirtan Musical Instruments Resources
  3. Sikhism CDs DVDs Films & Theatrical Reviews
  4. Books, Comics & Reviews
  5. Sikhism Games, Puzzles & Coloring Fun
  6. DIY Sikhism Projects & Resources
  7. Sikh Baby Names & Meanings
  8. Picture Dictionary Of Sikh Words & Meanings

Sikhism Important Life Events

Birthday Celebration

Throughout life a Sikh is supported by the ideals of ethics, and the structure of moral conduct. Each stage of life involves ceremonies centered in worship and remembrance of the divine, encouraging reliance on spiritual values to sustain the process of living.

The Role of Family in Sikhism

Grandmother With Mother and Granddaughter In the Langar Hall

Grandparents, mothers, fathers and children each have an unique and important role in the Sikh family. Learn here how devout Gursikh families provide spiritual nurturing and enriching opportunities to experience the joy of traditions treasured in Sikhism.

Sikhism Code of Conduct

Sikh Reht Maryada

The Sikhism code of conduct is outlined in the document Sikh Reht Maryada (SRM) which covers essential requirements and many aspects of personal and public life. Here you can find guidelines for daily living based on SRM having to do with protocol for worship, scriptures, ceremonies, practices and rituals, baptism and initiation requirements.

Tolerance & Discrimination

Sikh Man With Turban

The distinct appearance of a turban, traditional and ceremonial clothing makes Sikhs stand out. Initiated Sikhs have a required dress code. What sort of acceptance problems do Sikhs have? Find out why Sikhs wear turbans, and what social issues are related to the practice of Sikhism.

High Profile Politics in Punjab

Rajoana Rally Signboard

Find out the facts and share your thoughts about Punjab politics, police, including high profile cases and convictions featuring Sikh, Heroes, Martyrs, and Villains here.

Share Your Sikhism Story

Embracing Sikhism

Do you have a personal story? Your experience can help inspire others and offer courage in the face of adversity. Share your story here.

Share Opinions and Expertise

Sikh student studying in the schoolroom.

Are you an expert? Do you have an opinion you'd care to share? Weigh in on topics and share your knowledge or tell us what you think.

Authors Share Original Short Stories and Poems

Amrit Vela Rose

Authors have you written an original article, short story or poem that inspires spiritual awakening or promotes Sikh identity? Find submission forms and member submitted inspirational Sikh literature here.

Guru ka Langar Food & Recipes

Poori Frying in Oil

Eating and sharing of food is at the core of Sikh living. Every Sikh ceremony and worship service includes the tradition of communal dining, called langar. Here you can find how to make delicious recipes complete with step by step illustrated for tasty foods offering nourishment to both body and soul.

Shopping: Sikhism Articles of Faith, Apparel & Accessories

Learn Gurbani Kirtan Kit CD DVD and Booklet

Looking for gift ideas? Where can you find Sikhism turbans, articles of faith, apparel, and accessories essential to spiritual living or items specific to Sikh worship and ceremonies? Find reviews and resources here for online vendors, and hard to find items.

Traditional Kirtan Musical Instruments Resources

Baja or Vaja

Singing divines hymns of Kirtan is an integral part of Sikhism. Find resources here for traditional instruments used in performing kirtan including Tabla drums, Kartal hand held cymbals, Harmonium pump organs, and classical string instruments such as Dilruba, Esraj, Rebab, Sarangi, Sarod,Sitar, Tanpura, and the Peacock Taus.

Sikhism CDs DVDs Films & Theatrical Reviews


CDs and DVDs offer enjoyment and learning experiences. Find reviews and resources here for Sikhism CDs and DVDs which feature pronunciation of daily prayers, exquisite hymns of Gurbani, lessons on how to play kirtan, animated films about Sikh history and theatrical performances.

Books, Comics & Reviews

The Royal Falcon Cover Art

Books help people of all ages learn about religion and culture. Find reviews and resources here for Sikhism related top reference books, prayer books, illustrated story books and comics and more which appeal to all ages, are both helpful and entertaining, and that are great for home and school libraries.

Sikhism Games, Puzzles & Coloring Fun

Punjabi Jigsaw Puzzle Completed

Sikhism oriented games and coloring pages are a fantastic way to have fun while learning about Sikh religion, history, language and culture. Find resources and reviews here for entertaining Sikhism jigsaw puzzles, trivia games, and coloring fun which appeal to every age.

DIY Sikhism Projects & Resources

Jack-O-Lantern Sikhi Style

Stay connected with Sikhism at home. Teach yourself how to read Gurbani. Learn to how to play kirtan online. Find out how to sew a slip cover and satchel for a Sikh prayer book or hymnal,or make your baby's first prayerbook with Sikhism themes. Get instructions on how to build and furnish a portable altar. Learn how to carve a Sikhi Style Jack-O-Lantern and where to find the carving tools you need. Find free cross stitch patterns with Sikhism themes. Get illustrated step by step instructions and ideas for these and more "Do-It-Yourself" Sikhism projects with the resources found here.

Sikh Baby Names & Meanings

Nishan - Banner flag

Spiritual names may be given at birth, or taken at the time of baptism and initiation, marriage, or when someone wishes to make a change in their life. Sikh names can be used for boys or girls. Find thousands of Sikh baby names and learn their spiritual meanings here.

Picture Dictionary Of Sikh Words & Meanings


Many words commonly used in Sikhism are of Indian origin. Learn the back ground, meanings and much more of terms which are essential to understanding the Sikh culture and customs and traditions of Sikh living.

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