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Worship Traditions of Sikhism and Commemorative Holidays


In this section find out where Sikhs congregate for fellowship. Discover how Sikh worship traditions and holidays intertwine. Explore the significance the Amrit ceremony of baptism, the celebrations surrounding initiation, and the importance of worship in commemoration festivities.
  1. The Gurdwara
  2. Historic Gurdwaras and Shrines
  3. Central Traditions
  4. Worship and Scripture of Guru Granth Sahib
  5. Hymns, Gurbani Kirtan, Shabads, Prayers and Verses
  1. Sikh Holidays
  2. 2014 Sikhism Holidays
  3. Share Your Worship Experiences
  4. Sikhs and Festivities of Other Faiths
  5. Picture Dictionary Of Sikh Words and Meanings

The Gurdwara

Courtesy Khalsa Panth

The gurdwara is the central meeting place for Sikhs. Find out how a worship service is conducted and who takes part and what kinds of activities take place at the gurdwara.

Historic Gurdwaras and Shrines

Goindwal Baoli The Well of 84 Steps

Historic gurdwaras and shrines commemorate many sites important to Sikh history. Learn about the events which make them important to Sikhism here.

Central Traditions

Courtesy S Khalsa

The marital history, tradition of servitude, and worship in Sikhism is based on the ideals of humility, the equality of all humanity, and the integral relationship of creator and creation.

Worship and Scripture of Guru Granth Sahib

Reading Gurbani

Reading scripture is an important part of Sikhism worship. The code of conduct advises every Sikh to read the holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib through entirely on a regular basis as part of personal worship. A complete reading of scripture is also performed before any occasion or ceremony celebrating an important life event.

Hymns, Gurbani Kirtan, Shabads, Prayers and Verses

Paath Kirtan

The shabads, or hymns of Gurbani (Sikh scripture), are exquisite prayerful poetry in praise of the divine. Verses are traditionally recited, or sung as kirtan during worship services, and on special occasions for important life events. Find hymns here appropriate for weddings, birthdays, initiation, and holidays, for affirming health and wealth, to give encouragement during hard times, and to comfort the bereaved at funerals.

Sikh Holidays

Courtesy S Khalsa

Festive commemorative occasions are an integral part of Sikh worship. Find out how Sikh holidays are celebrated.

2014 Sikhism Holidays

September 2014 Sikhism Desktop Calendar

Sikhism holidays are based on the Nanakshahi calendar and have both fixed and fluctuating dates in 2014. Find out here when gurpurab commemorative events and holidays are observed and celebrated in 2014 and find a free calendar featuring the five beloved Panj Pyare.

Share Your Worship Experiences

Guru Nanak Dev Gurpurab Celebration in Nankana Pakistan

Have you visited a historic gurdwara or shrine? Have participated in or attended a Nagar Kiran parade or other Sikh festival. Share your worship experiences and insights here with our readers.

Sikhs and Festivities of Other Faiths

One Jack O Lantern Two Smiles

Should Sikhs participate in secular holidays or festivities observed by other faiths which are not a part of Sikhism? Find facts here to help you decide.

Picture Dictionary Of Sikh Words and Meanings

Amrit Kirtan Hymnal

Many words commonly used in Sikhism are of Indian origin. Learn the meanings of terms which are essential to understanding the worship traditions, commemorative celebrations, and historic holidays of Sikhism.

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