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My First Sikh Books by Parveen Kaur Dhillon: Review

My First Kaur Book and My First Singh Book

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My First Sikh Books Carry Case and Coloring Books

"My First Sikh Books" Carry Case and Coloring Books

Photo © S Khalsa

The Bottom Line

Engaging illustrations greet and invite the reader to explore this boxed set of My First Sikh Books. Illustrator Brian Krumm brings to life key concepts of the Sikh faith outlined by writer Parveen Kaur Dhillon in My First Kaur Book and My First Singh Book. Two board books with two matching coloring books and a double sided paperboard glossary for Mom and Dad complete the set, and are packaged together in handy carry case for kids.


  • Promotes Sikh identity.
  • English language conveys Sikh values in rhyme.
  • Appeals to young children and beginning readers.
  • Delightful color illustrations on sturdy paper board pages with glossy finish.
  • Boxed set with carry case for kids includes glossary and fact page for parents.


My First Singh Book

"My First Singh Book"

Photo © Courtesy My First Sikh Books
  • A quick read for children used to lengthy stories.


  • My First Sikh Books Set - ISBN978-0-90822446-0-9
  • Authored by Parveen Kaur Dhillon
  • Illustrated by Brain C. Krumm
  • Copyright © 2011 Logharh Sikh Educational Foundation
  • Set Includes:
    • My First Kaur Book (with coloring book) - ISBN978-0-90822446-1-6
    • My First Singh Book (with coloring book) - ISBN978-0-90822446-2-3
    • Paperboard glossary with fact sheet on reverse side.
    • Paperboard carry case with plastic handle.
  • Paperboard books have glossy color illustrations.
  • Coloring books have white paper covers and pages.
  • Published by Logharh Sikh Educational Foundation
  • Printed in China.
  • List Price $14.99 USD
  • Shipping and Handling $3.00
  • PayPal option.

Guide Review - "My First Sikh Books" by Parveen Kaur Dhillon

My First Kaur Book

My First Kaur Book

Photo © Courtesy My First Sikh Books

My First Sikh Books arrived in a padded envelope. I opened the package eagerly to find a boxed set containing two books, two coloring books and glossary page inside the paper board carry case with handle. My granddaughter loves books and I couldn't wait to share these with her when she came to visit. I also wanted to find out her parents reaction. Her dad read them to her first at bedtime. He thought the illustrations were great, but felt the books to be a bit on the short side as he is used to reading longer stories to his 32 month old daughter.

The next evening I had the opportunity to read the books to my granddaughter, as her parents planned to go out right about bedtime. Only one problem, we couldn't locate My First Kaur Book. My granddaughter had carried the book to a set of book shelves, but then it disappeared. We searched high and low. When we asked, my granddaughter told us the book was on the "bookshelf" and even looked herself, but no luck. We knew it couldn't be far away, so I looked around next to her bed. All of a sudden she spotted a nightstand, opened the drawer, and there, all by itself, we found the missing book where she had put it. We climbed into her bed and began to read.

The Story

Each of the dozen pages has between 5 to 15 words. After reading her the words, I talked to her about the illustrations, and asked her questions. She pointed out the Ik Onkar symbolizing One with Everything. Each book also includes a Khanda symbol as part of the Sikh identity. My First Kaur Book depicts the Khanda at the end of a wand or scepter held by the Kaur wearing a crown as she tells the reader that she is a princess. One lovely illustration shows Kaur princesses holding hands in a circle one of them wearing a blue and white outfit with a beatuiful white turban for a crown. My First Singh Book illustrates the Singh wearing a patka (small turban) roaring with a Khanda in the background as he explains that he is a lion. Both books depict the kara, tell about seva, and illustrate helping others.

I recited Kirtan Sohila, the bedtime prayer, and then tucked my granddaughter in for the night. I remembered that she keeps some of her books at home in the nightstand next to her bed, and took it as her endorsement that she had taken care to put the My First Kaur Book "away". After she returned home, When I looked for the books and couldn't find them again, luckily I knew where to look, and sure enough, books, coloring books and carry case were all tucked into the drawer by the bed where she had slept. I also have seven months old granddaughter just the right age to look at pictures of a princess. When I took her on my lap to show her My First Kaur Book, the paperboard pages proved to be sturdy enough to hold up to her enthusiastic patting.

I imagine one day when they are a bit older that the girls will read My First Sikh Books to each other (and the little one on the way), color the pictures and talk about Ik Onkar, the lion Singh, and the magic Khanda wand that the princess Kaur carries as her royal scepter.

Author and Illustrator

Author Parveen Kaur Dhillon wife of Mandeep Singh Dhillon and mother of three, earned her Masters in Education at the University of Virginia. She is an American born Sikh from Baltimore, Maryland and currently resides in San Jose California with her family.

Illustrator Brian Krumm (sounds like Kroom) has been drawing since childhood. He is the illustrator of eight children's picture books. Among his many creative venues, he has designed a variety of menus, logos and websites including flash animations.

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