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Sikh Wedding Hymn, "Veeahu Hoa Mere Babula"

Song of Sikh Marriage, "My Marriage Has Been Performed"


After the completion of the four wedding rounds, a Sikh couple is officially married. The hymn “Veeahu Hoa Mere Babula” is one which is traditionally sung at the close of the marriage ceremony symbolizing the soul-bride’s spiritual union with her divine groom. It is a reminder to the newly wedded pair that the material world is temporary, and places emphasis on the spiritual nature of marriage by likening it to being wed with God.

The verses are from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib and were composed by Guru Raam Das. The hymn is sung in the original Gurmukhi. The words are spelled out phonetically here and may differ somewhat from accepted short form spellings as used in the title. Most commonly the second stanza of the verse is sung. All four stanzas are included here for the benefit of couples planning to wed.

First Stanza:
"Mundh e-aa-nee pae-ee-a-rrai kio kar har darsan pikhai||
How can the ignorant soul-bride obtain the blessed vision of the Lord, while she is in this world of her father's home?

Har har apanee kirpaa karae gurmukh saahura-rrai kanm sikh-ai||
When the Lord himself bestows his grace, she is instructed in the duties of her husband's celestial home.

Saahurar-rai kanm sikh-ai gurmukh har har sadaa dhi-aa-ae||
The wife who learns the duties of her celestial husband's home dwells with him ever in meditation.

Seh-ee-aa vich fir-ai su-hae-lee har darageh baah luddaa-ae||
She walks happily among her companions in her Lord's court, swinging her arms joyfully.

Lekhaa dharam ra-ae kee baakee jap har har naam ki-rakhai||
Her account is cleared by the Judge of righteousness, when she recites the name of her Lord.

Mundh e-aa-nee pae-ee-a-rrai gurmukh har darasan di-khai||1||
The ignorant soul-bride becoming wise beholds the blessed vision of her Lord, while yet in her father's house. ||1||

Most Popular Second Stanza:
Vee-aa-hu ho-aa mae-re baa-bu-laa gurmukh-ae har paa-i-aa||
My marriage has been performed, O my father, with the Guru’s instruction I have obtained my Lord.

Agi-aan an-dhe-raa katt-i-aa gur gi-aan pra-chandd ba-laa-i-aa||
The darkness of my ignorance is dispelled, for the Guru’s blazing light revealed the divine wisdom.

Bali-aa gur gi-aan an-dhe-raa bin-si-aa har ratan pa-daarath laadhaa||
This spiritual wisdom given by the Guru shines forth, the priceless jewel of the Lord is found.

Homai rog ga-i-aa dukh laathaa aap aapai gurmat khaadhaa||
The malady of ego has departed, and my anguish is over, for the Guru taught me how to swallow my pride.

Akaal moorat var paa-i-aa abinaasee naa kadhae ma-rai na jaa-i-aa||
The immortal spouse I have obtained is imperishable, undying, and shall never depart.

Vee-aa-hu ho-aa me-re baabolaa gurmukh-ae har paa-i-aa||2||
My marriage has been performed, O my father, with the Guru’s instruction I have obtained my Lord.||2||

Third Stanza:
Har sat sa-tae me-re baabulaa har jan mil janyan suhn-dee||
The Lord is the ruest of the true, O my father, meeting with the humble servants of the Lord, the marriage procession looks beautiful.

Pe-vaka-rrai har jap su-hae-lee vich saahur-rrai kha-ree sohan-dee||
She who meditates on the Lord is happy here, and hereafter she shall be most beautiful.

Saahur-rrai vich kha-ree sohan-dee jin pevakar-rai naam samaa-li-aa||
Hereafter, she shall be most beautiful, if she has remembered her Lord’s name.

Sabh saf-li-ou janam tinaa daa gurmukh jinaa man jin paasaa dtaa-li-aa||
Fruitful are the lives of those who, by Guru's instruction conquer their minds, they are the winners of the dice game of life.

Har sant ja-naa mil kaa-raj soh-i-aa var paa-i-aa purakh anan-dee||
The Lord’s humble saints join with me, my affairs prosper, I obtain the Lord of bliss as my husband.

Har sat sat mae-re baabolaa har jan mil janyann suo-han-dee||3||
The Lord is the truest of the true, O my father, joining the humble servants of the Lord, the marriage party is embellished. ||3||

Fourth Stanza:
Har prabh mae-re baabulaa har dev-hu daan mai daajo||
O my father, give me the Name of the Lord God as my wedding gift and dowry.

Har kap-rro har so-baa dev-hu jit sav-rai me-raa kaajo||
Give me the Lord as my wedding gown, and the Lord’s glory to accomplish my tasks.

Har har bhag-tee kaaj su-he-laa gur satigur daan di-vaa-i-aa||
The Lord’s devotion renders the ceremony blissfully beautiful, the Guru, the true Guru, has given this gift.

Khandd var-bhandd har sobhaa ho-ee e-hu daan na ra-lai ra-laa-i-aa||
Across the continents, and throughout the universe, the Lord's glory is pervading, this gift is not diminished by being diffused amongst all.

Hor manmukh daaj je rakh di-khaa-leh su koorr ahn-kaar kach paa-jo||
Any other dowry, which the self-willed ones offer for show, is only false pride and a worthless display.

Har prabh mae-re baabulaa har dev-hu daan mai daa-jo||4||
O my father, please give me the name of the Lord God as my wedding gift and dowry." ||4|| SGGS||78

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