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Sikh Wedding Hymn, "Pooree Asa Jee Mansaa Mere Raam"

Song of Sikh Marriage, "My Desires Are Fulfilled"


Sikh Couple During Their Marriage Ceremony

Sikh Couple During Their Marriage Ceremony

Photo © [Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa]

The concluding hymn of the Sikh wedding ceremony describes the soul bride’s rapture with the perfection of her divine groom. The final verse of this quartet, composed by Guru Arjan Dev, is a hymn which is traditionally sung to symbolize spiritual union, and the devotion, joy and fulfillment of a young bride upon entering her husband’s home. The entire quartet is given here for the benefit of couples. The Gurmukhi words are phonetically rendered into English spellings and may, or may not, differ slightly from short form spellings used in the title.

First Verse of Quartet:
Gur mil ladhaa jee raam piaaraa raam||
Meeting with the Guru, I have found my Beloved Lord God.

Ehu tan man ditarraa vaaro vaaraa raam||
I have made of this body and mind a sacrifice, a sacrificial offering to my Lord.

Tan man ditaa bhavjal jitaa chookee kaann jamaanee||
Dedicating my body and mind, I have crossed over the terrifying world-sea, and shaken off the fear of death.

Asthir thee-aa anmrit peeaa reh-i-aa aavan jaanee||
Drinking in the ambrosial nectar, I have become immortal, my comings and goings have ceased.

So ghar ladhaa sehaj samadhaa har kaa naam adhaa-raa||
The home within is discovered easily upon entering the tranquil state that the Lord’s name sustains.

Kahu naanak sukh maanae ralee-aan gur poorae kano nam-skaa-raa||1||
Says Nanak, enjoying peace and pleasure, I bow in reverence to the Perfect Guru. ||1||

Second Verse of Quartet:
Sun sajan jee mai-dda-rrae meetaa raam||
Listen, O my friend and intimate companion.

Gur mantra sabad sach deetaa raam||
The Guru counsels the remembrance of the true word of God.

Sach sabad dhi-aa-i-aa mangal gaa-i-aa chookae manhu adae-saa||
The true words contemplation removes the minds anxieties, and I sing the songs of joy.

So prabh paa-i-aa kateh na jaa-i-aa sadaa sadaa sang bai-saa||
God is attained and never departs, forever and ever sitting with me.

Prabh jee bhaanaa sachaa maanaa prabh har dhan seh-jae deetaa||
One who is pleasing to God receives true honor, and is blessed with the wealth that the Lord God easily gives.

Kahu naanak tis jan bali-haa-ree tae-raa daan sabh-nee hai leetaa||2||
Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to such a humble being O Lord, all are blessed by your bounties. ||2||

Third Verse of Quartet:
Tou bhaa-naa taan tripat aghaa-ae raam||
When it pleases you, then I am satisfied and satiated.

Man thee-aa than-dtaa sabh trisan bujhaa-ae raam||
My mind is soothed and calmed, and all my thirst is quenched.

Man thee-aa than-dtaa chookee dda-jhaa paa-i-aa bahuth- khajaa-naa||
My mind is soothed and calmed, the burning has ceased, and I obtain great treasures.

Sikh saevak sabh bhunchan lagae hano satagur kai kurbaa-naa||
The disciples and servants All partake of them, to my True Guru I am a sacrifice.

Nir-bho bhe khasam rang raa-tae jam kee traas bu-jhaa-ae||
Fearless, the love of my spouse permeates me, and I have shaken off the dread of death.

Naanak daas sadaa sang sae-vak tae-ree bhagat karno liv laa-ae||3||
Slave Nanak, the humble servant, ever attends you devotedly with loving embraces.||3||

Final Verse of Quartet Traditional Sung at Conclusion of Wedding:
Pooree aasaa jee mansaa mae-rae raam||
My hopes and desires have been fulfilled, O my Lord.

Moh nirgun jee-o sabh gun tae-rae raam||
I am worthless, without virtue, all the virtues are Yours, O Lord.

Sabh gun tae-rae thaakur mae-rae kit mukh tudh saalaahee||
All virtues are Yours, O my Lord and Master, what mouth could praise you (sufficiently).

Gun av-gun mae-raa kichh na beechaar-i-aa bakhs lee-aa khin maahee||
You did not consider my virtues or faults but pardoned me instantly.

No nidh paa-ee vajee vaadhaa-ee vaajae an-had too-rae||
I have obtained the nine treasures, congratulations are pouring in, resounding with the unstruck sound of trumpets.

Ka-hu naanak mai var ghar paa-i-aa mae-rae laa-thae jee sagal vi-soorae||4||1||
Says Nanak, I have found my Husband Lord within my own home, and all my anxieties are at an end. ||4||1|| SGGS||577

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