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The Role of Fathers in Sikhism

Sikh Fathers and Family Life.


A Sikh son traditionally lives and raises a family in the home of his parents after marriage. A Sikh father takes an active role in family life and in the upbringing of children. When brothers share the home of their parents, children are raised together under one roof. Grandparents take active roles in caring for grandchildren.

Gurbani the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib likens the relationship of the devotee and God to that of son and loving father.

"Har kae bhagat sadaa sukhvaasee ||
Devotees of the Lord dwell ever in peace.
Baal subhaae ateet oudaasee ||
They have a child-like nature and remain detached from the world.
Anik rang kareh bauh baatee jio pitaa poot laadaaidaa ||14||
They enjoy various pleasures in many ways and God caresses them, as a father does his son." SGGS||1076||14||

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