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Sikh Students and Cultural Awareness


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Sikh Students and Lunchtime
Sikh Student  and Classmate at  Lunchtime

Sikh Student and Classmate at Lunchtime

Photo © [Kulpreet Singh]

All students regardless of age look forward to lunchtime, recess time or break time. Younger students are more likely to run and play, while older students like to hang out and talk. The Sikh student in this photograph is enjoying a special lunch with a friend.

Inevitably the time will come when students will swap food items or trade lunches with school mates as a way of bonding with friends, or just to experiment. A Sikh student who is conscious of looking different because of dressing unusually, or wearing a turban, may feel compelled to fit in by eating whatever is popular with other students.

Check with students often to see if they are trading food, or even tossing out items that parents took care to prepare, and to be sure there isn't a favorite food they are missing out on. Students may come up with suggestions based on what their friends are taking for lunch. Make sure the student is getting proper nutrition needed to fuel proper growth and energy required for study. Invite students to help with shopping and lunch preparation to insure that they are happy and that lunch time is enjoyable. Consider occasionally packing something extra the student can share with friends.

Students may ask for lunch money to buy a school lunch or snack items from the cafeteria or vending machines. Find out what the cafeteria offers for lunch so that the student is not disappointed, and so that any special food requirements are met. Some parents who are unhappy with school menus have worked with schools to change the menu and provide healthier lunches.

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